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If you are just starting your site with Joomla, then you’ve probably heard that one of the most important decisions you are going to have to make is who do you choose to have your websites hosted with. Its not an easy decision to make. I’m sure if you’ve been browsing around, you’ve probably heard some horror stories from people that chose the wrong Joomla hosting company.


The first thing you want to look for in a web hosting service is reputation. That’s not to say that a new company can’t give you a great service, but there is always a risk in going with a company that is brand new. So do a little research into the company you’re thinking of going with and see if there have been many complaints logged against them. See what other people have to say on blogs and websites. Naturally you have to take what people say with a grain of salt, but if almost everybody speaks highly of a web hosting company, then there is a very good chance that the company is reputable and will provide a good service.

With our team experiences, we have reviewed about 74 Joomla hosting providers that have good reputation in hosting field. The following is the Superior Joomla Hosting Provider for you.

Superior Joomla Hosting Provider provides reliable high performance web hosting service since 2008. They host some of the world’s busiest websites. Their managed Windows cloud web hosting services are designed for power users who want the best web hosting experience and service with no compromise. They are offering Joomla hosting packages with excellent uptime rate. With only $5/month, you can get superior joomla hosting services. Click the picture below to view more details about their Joomla hosting plan.


They use the latest web hosting technology to achieve the highest uptime possible. Their servers are highly scalable and able to handle very large amount of hits. They always ensure that their servers are never overloaded and every customer is able to have the best web hosting experience, so you can focus on what’s important to you, which is running your business or your personal websites. They are always ready to help if you have any questions or issues. Their network is also multihomed. They are able to meet and exceed their industry’s highest 99.99% Uptime SLA.

5 Things to Get Superior Joomla Hosting

joomal-solutionsWhen you decide to host your Joomla site, one other thing that is very crucial is choosing the right hosting plan that could suit your need. With so many Joomla hosting company offering their service out there this could be quite confusing, so which hosting plan is the best for you?, Here I will give you some points that you need to consider when choosing your Joomla hosting:

Disk Space

Try to estimate on how much disk space your website would take, the first time you upload your website to your hosting account it may not take much of disk space, but your website will grow and eventually it will take much more space so put this into your consideration when you are looking for a hosting plan.


Just like disk space, bandwidth is another important component when buying a hosting plan you need to estimate on how much traffic that you will need, if you only serve web pages with minimum images the usage will be much different from if you provide your visitors with file downloads (mp3s, images, videos) or audio/video streaming that would require much more bandwidth.

And also you need to know what is the additional fee if you use more bandwidth than your allocated bandwidth, by knowing this, you can avoid having to pay a hefty monthly bill from your hosting provider.


Support is also important, no one wants to be left alone when encountering a problem you can test how good their support by asking them a question about their hosting plan through their live chat or email. If they have a good customer support they will answer your questions not only quickly, but effectively that means they give what you want to know.

Scripting & Database Support

This might not for everyone, but this is worth to consider especially if you have a website that needs some scripting support such as PHP, ASP or database support like MYSQL, Microsoft SQL and PostgreSQL.


One thing that have to be taken seriously is the price that you have to pay, everything end to this are their service is worth the price tag that they put on their hosting plan?. You can decide whether they are worth it or not by combining all factors mentioned above and compare it with other hosting plans.

Add Google Analytics to WordPress in 5 minutes

WordPress is often praised by web designers, web developers and users alike for its ease-of-use. This is part of the reason it has become so popular, and why its growth just keeps on accelerating. To increase your wordpress performance, you must add google analytics to your WordPress website. Before you add your google analytics, you must make sure that your wordpress hosting is not in troubles. Because, sometimes there are a case that some plugin are not supported with hosting provider. To avoid this, I highly recommend you to host with UKWindowsASP.NET.


Ok, back to the point. Google Analytics is the industry standard for reporting on web based traffic. Integrating it into your website can give you insights that can increase the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns, resulting in more visitors.

How Google Analytics work?


Google Analytics is a free online tool that can be used by webmasters/bloggers for better understanding how people are using their website or blog. In other words, with the help of Google Analytics, you can easily track how much traffic you are generating and from where your traffic is comingi.e. search engines, direct traffic, social networks or referring sites. You can also track what keywords were used by visitors in the search engines to get into your website and on which pages they are landing on your website, where they live, their age, the browser they are using and so on. So if you want to expand and grow your business on internet, then adding google analytics to wordpress  is highly recommended.

3 Easy Steps to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Add Google Analytics to WordPress in 5 minutes

There are probably plugins you could use to add Analytics to your WordPress, but they have to execute more code than if you just add the Analytics code directly to your WordPress theme. Although much more user friendly, the plugin route could result in slower load times, plugin conflicts, security concerns and many other issues.

So lets look at three simple steps anyone can do in the WordPress Admin section to get Analytics up and working with a website.

Sign Up For Google Analytics Account

First of all you will have to signup for Google Analytics account. To do this, simply visit Google Analytics signup page and log in with your Google account login details. After clicking on Sign in button,you will be redirected to Google Analytics main sign up page.

Copy The Analytics Script

Now you will be given two options (Website Or Mobile APP) to track, make sure you select “Website“. After clicking on Website , enter account name, website name,website URL,industry category and reporting time zone. Don’t worry about any discrepancy, you may change all these information later.

After filling the information click on “Get Tracking ID ” at the bottom of the page and accept Google Analytics Terms of service agreement. Now you will see Your Tracking ID(some thing like UA-12121212-1) and will be given some JavaScript code which you have to put on your WordPress website.

Add The Script To Your Theme

Login to your WordPress Admin. On the menu select APPEARANCE then select EDITOR. This will allow you to edit the files for your wordpress theme. We are going to look in the right sidebar for a file called footer.php.
Select the file and search for the closing footer tag “/footer”
Paste (‘ctrl’ + ‘v’) the code immediately before the /footer tag.

How to Check if Google Analytics Is working?

If you want to confirm that Google Analytics is installed on every page(Posts,pages,archives) of your WordPress website, then right click on any page and select view source code.You will see your ga.js code right above the closing header tag on every page.

You can also check it directly from Google Analytics account. Go to your Google Analytics Account and click on “Admin” at the at the top of the page and under “Property” choose your site and then click “Tracking Info”. If the Google Analytics code is installed properly, this section will displays the words “Receiving Data“. Launches Umbraco 7.2.8 Hosting, a leading web hosting provider, has leveraged its gold partner status with Microsoft to launch its latest Umbraco 7.2.8 Hosting support, a leading Windows web hosting provider with innovative technology solutions and a dedicated professional services team, today announced the support for Umbraco 7.2.8 hosting plan due to high demand of Umbraco users in Europe. The company has managed to build a strong client base in a very short period of time. It is known for offering ultra-fast, fully-managed and secured services in the competitive market. hosts its servers in top class data centers that is located in Amsterdam (NL), London (UK), Paris (FR), Frankfurt (DE) and Seattle (US) to guarantee 99.9% network uptime. All data center feature redundancies in network connectivity, power, HVAC, security and fire suppression. All hosting plans from include 24×7 support and 30 days money back guarantee. HostForLIFE Umbraco hosting plan starts from just as low as €3.00/month only and this plan has supported ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 5/6 and SQL Server 2012/2014.

Umbraco 7.2.8 is a fully-featured open source content management system with the flexibility to run anything from small campaign or brochure sites right through to complex applications for Fortune 500’s and some of the largest media sites in the world. Umbraco was sometimes unable to read the umbraco.config file, making Umbraco think it had no content and showing a blank page instead (issue U4-6802), this is the main issue fixed in this release. This affects people on 7.2.5 and 7.2.6 only. 7.2.8 also fixes a conflict with Courier and some other packages.

Umbraco 7.2.8 Hosting is strongly supported by both an active and welcoming community of users around the world, and backed up by a rock-solid commercial organization providing professional support and tools. Umbraco 7.2.8 can be used in its free, open-source format with the additional option of professional tools and support if required. Not only can you publish great multilingual websites using Umbraco 7.2.8 out of the box, you can also build in your chosen language with our multilingual back office tools.

Further information and the full range of features Umbraco 7.2.8 Hosting can be viewed here:

About is an European Windows Hosting Provider which focuses on the Windows Platform only. deliver on-demand hosting solutions including Shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and IT as a Service for companies of all sizes. is awarded Top No#1 SPOTLIGHT Recommended Hosting Partner by Microsoft (see Their service is ranked the highest top #1 spot in several European countries, such as: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and other European countries. Besides this award, they have also won several awards from reputable organizations in the hosting industry and the detail can be found on their official website.

Best, Cheap and Excellent Entity Framework 7 Hosting

Entity Framework is an Object Relational Mapper (ORM). It basically generates business objects and entities according to the database tables and provides the mechanism for:

  • Performing basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations.
  • Easily managing “1 to 1”, “1 to many”, and “many to many” relationships.
  • Ability to have inheritance relationships between entities.

the benefits for using Entity Framework are:

  • We can have all data access logic written in higher level languages.
  • The conceptual model can be represented in a better way by using relationships among entities.
  • The underlying data store can be replaced without much overhead since all data access logic is present at a higher level.


Then, whether it is an alternative to ADO.NET, the answer would be “yes and no”. Yes because the developer will not be writing ADO.NET methods and classes for performing data operations and no because this model is actually written on top of ADO.NET, meaning under this framework, we are still using ADO.NET.

Best, Cheap and Excellent Entity Framework 7 Hosting Recommendation

There are many great Entity Framework 7 hosting providers so it is not easy to get one for you so easily. You just cannot choose any random hosting service providers you have to choose the right one for you. You need to remember that you can call a website hosting the best for you if it can provide whatever you need at a reasonable price. Your site is new then you should not be worried about the factors like disk space and bandwidth if you are taking service from a quite reputed shared hosting service for your website.

You need to make sure that their service is okay instead of worrying about the disk space and bandwidth. And you need to make sure that they will provide maximum uptime to your website too. But you should not be persuaded by offers of an “unlimited” amount of resources as you need to know that these promises are meaningless. To make easier your task, we have reviewed more than 75+ Entity Framework hosting provider, and below are Best, Cheap and Excellent Entity Framework 7 Hosting Recommendation for you. is one of the leading providers of Entity Framework 7 hosting services for providing complete strategy to your cyber problems concerning web hosting, e-commerce and cloud hosting working throughout 24×7. This year group commemorates 10 years of the successful existence. The most important plays a part in this success happen to be authentic and relevant solutions of questions pertaining with web, service of experts, friendly customer services and finally the final although not least reasonable charges for qualitative services.

The key reason utilizing web hosting services of is it provides consistent and protective web hosting services through the use of beautifully shaped data centre that results severance and backup system up to 100%. Every one of these services are finished by team of professionals who are experts in their respective fields and are dedicated to deliver better of remarkable ability.


ukwindowshostasp.netUKWindowsHostASP.NET is one of the best and professional web hosting providers. Many people are really amazed by their superb web hosting experience and their service up time is far above 99.9% up time as guarantee. They also have a full time customer care team. The helpline is managed by professional workers. Online web forms are given quick responses depending on the query that is raised. Email support will enable you to get in touch with a web hosting professional quickly. All these customer support programs are designed to ensure that problems are dealt with before they escalate.

They are extremely confident regarding all of its services and right so as the reviews prove that none of their claims are false. Consumers can easily sign up for the service and in case they incur any problems they have 24/7 customer and technical support both over the phone and online to help them through this process. They also offer a 30-day with money back guarantee. offers fast and powerful hosting services. Their beginner hosting package which is worth $2.00 per month and enables the user to enjoy 1 GB of the storage capacity along with 10 GB of data transfer. The professional solutions package offers clients with 5 GB storage capacity and 50 GB data transfer; with a price range is around $14 per month. Users enjoy a large number of benefits while making use of their online services such as the robust and speedy email service. Users are also offered an unlimited email accounts facility regardless of whether they are using the business or personal package. All such email accounts are more likely webmail kind of accounts which enables the users to easily and conveniently access their accounts no matter wherever they are in the world.

Developers prefer using their hosting as it can make use of several web languages and is extremely flexible. It uses ASP, Javascript, and even PHP which allow users to build Ajax based application with ease and convenience. There is also a Plesk Panel facility which enables users to build their own web portals. With their control panel hosting, customers can actually afford the service in both money and time. The investment of time is important because the faster one is able to keep track of updates keeps their website moving along at an efficient pace the more users can focus on marketing that will help them generate further revenue. Users also enjoy a large number of functions and features mainly including Email to file access and many more.

10 Great Ways to Manage Follower on Twitter

Twitter is one of social media that we use to promote to many people. In addition to Facebook, Twitter is known to be able to attract people’s attention much more to see, to know and love our business. Using Twitter for business promotion is not always easy. Because the different promotion when we just used it as the proposition “vent” or gossiping with friends. Therefore, it is not rare to make mistakes when searching for and managing our Twitter followers. Well, here we share 10 great ways to manage follower and correct the mistakes we used to do to get followers on Twitter.

10 Great Ways to Manage Follower on Twitter >> Follow This Step


Improve the look Slideshare Embed

One of the easiest media to deliver our promo to customers is by creating a Slideshare presentation. We can make very beautiful Slideshare, and attract the attention of your followers directly. To ensure the success of your Slideshare presentation, use a font size of 30 points or greater, and use more pictures.

Know where your Followers go

People who follow and unfollow Twitter account is just as important. Once someone decides to follow you, they do not necessarily want to follow you forever. In fact, most people will selectively to choose about who they follow, why they follow and the reasons why they want to retweet and unfollowing a Twitter account. You have to know whether they really enthusiastic with your Twitter account, and also information about your business or they just become your loyal fans only.

Analyze the use of Twitter

Twitter provides analysis for each Twitter account for free. The review specifically to determine the number of impressions the tweet that we have. How many people are taking actions such as giving Favorites, Retweets, and also click Reply. How many people are clicking unfollow or follow us and what the followers are male or female, has a particular interest and many others.

Make a special hashtag

Most beginners and small business owners do not have a hashtag in particular, because they fear will be the only one using the hashtag. To encourage more people to use our hashtag, we can make it more common. Hashtags are searchable through Bing search tool and can keep track of our company.

Share a photo collage

Sometimes we can share photos in an important event. Photo sharing does not necessarily always have the same format. To create a photo collage, simply add a photo as if we just share a photo. Then click the same icon again and add more photos. Twitter will create collage automatically after a Tweet published.

Stop sharing Instagram link

Twitter is more like we share photos via Twitter instead of Instagram. If we prefer to view Instagram photos, try to share photos from a folder on our smartphones in which all Instagram photos are automatically saved. It will look like we upload to Twitter and have Instagram but not as Instagram does not include a link to the photo on the tweet.

Make sure your Gif posts encouraging readers

Gif is an image file format that supports static images and animated images. Animated gif does not move when it appears on Twitter, except Tweets that contain embedded Gif above. If you have not used Gif, consider what image you want to display and embed a Twitter account. Make people curious and delighted when he saw the picture.

Monitor the often Retweeted Tweets and became Favorites

The possibility of someone who gives retweet and favorite your content are loyal followers in the future. If you give them that opportunity, try to follow the people – those who often gives a favorite and retweet to us. Check if they follow us back or just give us the favorite. Most of them will help us to grow rapidly.

Put pictures on the blog post

Rather than sharing an article and a link on our Twitter posts, try to take a picture of your blog post screenshots and put on our Tweets. It will help us significantly more space to get more clicks. In addition, design the image or photo of your product features well in order to get the title favorite even before it got on the click.

Give the tag on the post photo

After publishing photos from various sources such as blogs, the next is to tag the photo. Tagged form of the city where the photo was taken, or who take the photo. It will make us more interested followers to interact and not selfish.

That’s the 10 Great Ways to Manage Follower on Twitter. Hopefully you will be motivated to get more success than now. Out of the topic, if you have any website and need hosting provider that can provide your website with fast loading speed and also cheap. You can check and learn more about their plan. They have premium hardware to support your site in high speed.