10 Great Ways to Manage Follower on Twitter

Twitter is one of social media that we use to promote to many people. In addition to Facebook, Twitter is known to be able to attract people’s attention much more to see, to know and love our business. Using Twitter for business promotion is not always easy. Because the different promotion when we just used it as the proposition “vent” or gossiping with friends. Therefore, it is not rare to make mistakes when searching for and managing our Twitter followers. Well, here we share 10 great ways to manage follower and correct the mistakes we used to do to get followers on Twitter.

10 Great Ways to Manage Follower on Twitter >> Follow This Step


Improve the look Slideshare Embed

One of the easiest media to deliver our promo to customers is by creating a Slideshare presentation. We can make very beautiful Slideshare, and attract the attention of your followers directly. To ensure the success of your Slideshare presentation, use a font size of 30 points or greater, and use more pictures.

Know where your Followers go

People who follow and unfollow Twitter account is just as important. Once someone decides to follow you, they do not necessarily want to follow you forever. In fact, most people will selectively to choose about who they follow, why they follow and the reasons why they want to retweet and unfollowing a Twitter account. You have to know whether they really enthusiastic with your Twitter account, and also information about your business or they just become your loyal fans only.

Analyze the use of Twitter

Twitter provides analysis for each Twitter account for free. The review specifically to determine the number of impressions the tweet that we have. How many people are taking actions such as giving Favorites, Retweets, and also click Reply. How many people are clicking unfollow or follow us and what the followers are male or female, has a particular interest and many others.

Make a special hashtag

Most beginners and small business owners do not have a hashtag in particular, because they fear will be the only one using the hashtag. To encourage more people to use our hashtag, we can make it more common. Hashtags are searchable through Bing search tool and can keep track of our company.

Share a photo collage

Sometimes we can share photos in an important event. Photo sharing does not necessarily always have the same format. To create a photo collage, simply add a photo as if we just share a photo. Then click the same icon again and add more photos. Twitter will create collage automatically after a Tweet published.

Stop sharing Instagram link

Twitter is more like we share photos via Twitter instead of Instagram. If we prefer to view Instagram photos, try to share photos from a folder on our smartphones in which all Instagram photos are automatically saved. It will look like we upload to Twitter and have Instagram but not as Instagram does not include a link to the photo on the tweet.

Make sure your Gif posts encouraging readers

Gif is an image file format that supports static images and animated images. Animated gif does not move when it appears on Twitter, except Tweets that contain embedded Gif above. If you have not used Gif, consider what image you want to display and embed a Twitter account. Make people curious and delighted when he saw the picture.

Monitor the often Retweeted Tweets and became Favorites

The possibility of someone who gives retweet and favorite your content are loyal followers in the future. If you give them that opportunity, try to follow the people – those who often gives a favorite and retweet to us. Check if they follow us back or just give us the favorite. Most of them will help us to grow rapidly.

Put pictures on the blog post

Rather than sharing an article and a link on our Twitter posts, try to take a picture of your blog post screenshots and put on our Tweets. It will help us significantly more space to get more clicks. In addition, design the image or photo of your product features well in order to get the title favorite even before it got on the click.

Give the tag on the post photo

After publishing photos from various sources such as blogs, the next is to tag the photo. Tagged form of the city where the photo was taken, or who take the photo. It will make us more interested followers to interact and not selfish.

That’s the 10 Great Ways to Manage Follower on Twitter. Hopefully you will be motivated to get more success than now. Out of the topic, if you have any website and need hosting provider that can provide your website with fast loading speed and also cheap. You can check ASPHostPortal.com and learn more about their plan. They have premium hardware to support your site in high speed.

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