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Joomla Hosting

If you are just starting your site with Joomla, then you’ve probably heard that one of the most important decisions you are going to have to make is who do you choose to have your websites hosted with. Its not an easy decision to make. I’m sure if you’ve been browsing around, you’ve probably heard some horror stories from people that chose the wrong Joomla hosting company.


The first thing you want to look for in a web hosting service is reputation. That’s not to say that a new company can’t give you a great service, but there is always a risk in going with a company that is brand new. So do a little research into the company you’re thinking of going with and see if there have been many complaints logged against them. See what other people have to say on blogs and websites. Naturally you have to take what people say with a grain of salt, but if almost everybody speaks highly of a web hosting company, then there is a very good chance that the company is reputable and will provide a good service.

With our team experiences, we have reviewed about 74 Joomla hosting providers that have good reputation in hosting field. The following is the Superior Joomla Hosting Provider for you.

Superior Joomla Hosting Provider provides reliable high performance web hosting service since 2008. They host some of the world’s busiest websites. Their managed Windows cloud web hosting services are designed for power users who want the best web hosting experience and service with no compromise. They are offering Joomla hosting packages with excellent uptime rate. With only $5/month, you can get superior joomla hosting services. Click the picture below to view more details about their Joomla hosting plan.


They use the latest web hosting technology to achieve the highest uptime possible. Their servers are highly scalable and able to handle very large amount of hits. They always ensure that their servers are never overloaded and every customer is able to have the best web hosting experience, so you can focus on what’s important to you, which is running your business or your personal websites. They are always ready to help if you have any questions or issues. Their network is also multihomed. They are able to meet and exceed their industry’s highest 99.99% Uptime SLA.

5 Things to Get Superior Joomla Hosting

joomal-solutionsWhen you decide to host your Joomla site, one other thing that is very crucial is choosing the right hosting plan that could suit your need. With so many Joomla hosting company offering their service out there this could be quite confusing, so which hosting plan is the best for you?, Here I will give you some points that you need to consider when choosing your Joomla hosting:

Disk Space

Try to estimate on how much disk space your website would take, the first time you upload your website to your hosting account it may not take much of disk space, but your website will grow and eventually it will take much more space so put this into your consideration when you are looking for a hosting plan.


Just like disk space, bandwidth is another important component when buying a hosting plan you need to estimate on how much traffic that you will need, if you only serve web pages with minimum images the usage will be much different from if you provide your visitors with file downloads (mp3s, images, videos) or audio/video streaming that would require much more bandwidth.

And also you need to know what is the additional fee if you use more bandwidth than your allocated bandwidth, by knowing this, you can avoid having to pay a hefty monthly bill from your hosting provider.


Support is also important, no one wants to be left alone when encountering a problem you can test how good their support by asking them a question about their hosting plan through their live chat or email. If they have a good customer support they will answer your questions not only quickly, but effectively that means they give what you want to know.

Scripting & Database Support

This might not for everyone, but this is worth to consider especially if you have a website that needs some scripting support such as PHP, ASP or database support like MYSQL, Microsoft SQL and PostgreSQL.


One thing that have to be taken seriously is the price that you have to pay, everything end to this are their service is worth the price tag that they put on their hosting plan?. You can decide whether they are worth it or not by combining all factors mentioned above and compare it with other hosting plans.