What CMS that I Need?

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Are you struggling to maintain your webpage? Sick of spending time adding or altering data, just to find that it is inaccessible or mis-formatted? Or do you simply want to gain more control over your web-page, instead of having to rely on the ‘experts’?


There is a solution: a content management system, which can allow you to regain control over your webpages.

What is CMS?

CMS or a content management system is essentially a way of processing and editing the content held within a website- anything from articles to graphics. Different levels of complexity can added to suit your individual needs – this can include capability for different languages, or different access levels so that employees can update and edit content where applicable.

Why should I use CMS?

While it all sounds pretty complicated, now days services are increasingly being targeted at the ‘average joe’ customer – someone who has no knowledge of html and simply wants to edit and manage their own website.

So this sounds like it could be useful, but what CMS should I use?

There are many options such as WordPress, Joomla and.net CMS’s like DotNetNuke which provide numerous features including:

Its ease of access – the system has a logical set up that even non techies can understand, and a clear help system for when you get stuck. This saves money as it prevents you from requiring outside assistance for website maintenance.

Language capabilities – CMS’s have the ability to transform your web content into other languages in order to reach a wider target audience. This is useful for businesses trying to bolster their international sales.

It’s free! Using an open source CMS means it’s a free download. Open Source is also one of the most accessible products available.

It’s highly flexible – features and site appearance can be changed easily, with no flow on effect on the content. The add-ons and advanced tools are unparalleled with their range in function and usability.

It’s constantly evolving. This means that as new techniques become available they will become accessible to you. This system is continually being improved based on customer feedback and technological development in order to provide the best service (and end results) available.

Easy installation – no in store purchase, simply download the software. In minutes you will be on your way to maintaining and editing your own web content.

Security – these systems are used by thousands worldwide. This means that thousands are using and testing the software, so its security is upgraded and maintained continuously. This is especially important when you consider the cost and potential loss of data that could be caused in the event of your website being hacked.
Using this system means you can take control of your website and you’ll then see how easy website development and maintenance can be.

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