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Cloud hosting takes away the pain of setting up and managing servers and replaces it with automated features and a suite of convenient tools. They also make it simple to scale the power behind your application, by splitting the load over several virtual machines and allowing you to create additional instances of your application to be served up in the time it takes you to click a button.

To help you find the best Cloud Hosting Company, suitable for your website, We’ve reviewed numerous web host providers and closely check every single Cloud hosting service parameter, so you don’t have to waste your time! I bring you our list of the top 3 Windows Cloud Hosting companies in 2014. Selecting the right cloud hosting product is vitally important to the success of a website.

1. is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Spotlight Hosting Partner in United States. Windows ASP.NET Shared Cloud Hosting plan is created to cater the demand for cloud service. When it comes to running your websites, your only concern should be your web applications. takes care of everything else – networking, server security, Windows Update patches, server resources like memory and CPU and much more. Starting at $ 5.0/month, the Cloud Hosting plan includes host unlimited domain, World Class Plesk Control Panel, High Availability built in, high performance storage, 24/7/365 professional support, built on enterprise-grade hardware, 99.9& Uptime Guarantee, daily backup, etc.

2. is a cloud hosting provider that offers highly scalable, on-demand infrastructure services to both end-users and resellers primarily under monthly contracts. With clients in 114 countries, two Chicago-area data centers, and over 10,000 servers online, SingleHop delivers state-of-the-art hardware, server management customization and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. While combining security and convenience to provide solutions for a wide range of enterprises, SingleHop remains an industry leader in providing customers with automatic server deployment, remote management, and accessibility using a variety of personal devices.

3. 100tb Hosting is a web hosting company that was started in a bid to offer hosting services to people from all over the world. The company since its inception has been able to compete with those already existent companies and has still managed to grow steadily thus getting a slot among the industry leaders in web hosting Specially Servers Hosting Services.

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