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Best osCommerce 2.3 Hosting

Top 3 Best osCommerce 2.3 Hosting
Top 3 Best osCommerce 2.3 Hosting


OsCommerce has always been a great platform for the creation of a perfect online business store. With OsCommerce development you not only get an advantage to build a safe and secure online store but you get to develop a webstore which is attractive enough to pour in traffic.

If you desire of getting your range of products get viral on the Internet then OsCommerce Customization and development is the right choice for you. Building an ecommerce store is not a child’s play; in fact it requires a lot of strategic planning and specifications.

In order to create a successful online store, you require an application that has the potential to retrieve data in accordance to flexibility which is only available with OsCommerce customization. In this article, we have reviewed 148+ osCommerce 2.3 Hosting provider that have great service, good server performance, and have cheap price to avoid you choose wrong provider. The following are Top 3 Best osCommerce 2.3 Hosting Provider for you.

Hosting ProviderASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Average Reviewrate5rate48rate45




Basic FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Disk Space5 GBUnlimited1 GB
Bandwidth60 GBUnlimited20 GB
Websites on AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited5 sites
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited1
SmarterMail SupportYesYesYes
Email Space200 MB200 MB500 MB
ASP.NET FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Windows2012 R22012 R22012 R2
Trust LevelFullFullFull
Application PoolDedicatedDedicatedDedicated
ASP.NETLatest VersionLatest VersionLatest Version
ASP.NET MVCLatest VersionLatest VersionLatest Version
MySQL200 MB100 MB100 MB
Control PanelPleskPleskPlesk
WCF ServicesYesYesYes
Web MatrixYesYesYes
Web DeployYesYesYes
URL RewriteYesYesYes
Advanced FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
SSL SupportYesYesYes
Site BackupsDailyDailyDaily
Instant ActivationYesYesYes
Hosting UpgradeYesYesYes
Customer Support24/7/36524/7/36524/7/365
Our ReviewASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Server Speedrate5rate48rate48
Customer Supportrate5rate5rate45
Average Reviewrate5rate48rate45

About osCommerce 2.3 Hosting

osCommerce Official News – We’re extremely proud to announce the release of osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3! This release is an advancement to the previous v2.2 release series bringing security improvements, bug fixes, and new and exciting features to help strengthen and optimize your online store.

New features in this release include:

  • Modular Action Recorders to log and limit certain functions, including:
    • Administration Tool login attempts
    • Tell A Friend e-mails
    • Contact Us e-mails
  • Security Directory Permissions for the Administration Tool shows which directories are writable
  • Version Checker for the Administration Tool to check for new versions
  • Modular Social Bookmarks to share products on social sites, including:
    • Facebook and Facebook Like
    • Twitter and Twitter Button
    • Google Buzz
    • Digg
  • PayPal Express Checkout pre-configured for new store owners
  • Guest orders through PayPal Express Checkout
  • Modular Header Tags for optimizations, including:
    • Google Analytics and E-Commerce Tracking
    • MailChimp E-Commerce 360
    • OpenSearch
  • New separated XHTML/CSS based template
  • jQuery UI design
  • 960 Grid System CSS Framework
  • Password hashing algorithm changed to Portable PHP hashing for customer and administrator
  • passwords
  • Security Check modules for add-ons to check on server requirements
  • Administration Tool Dashboard widgets, including new charts
  • Modular Boxes to inject content anywhere in the HTML layout
  • Multiple Product Images with large images and HTML content for Flash videos
  • New Payment Modules, including:
    • PayPal Website Payments Pro and PayPal Express Checkout
    • Moneybookers
    • Sage Pay

Fast osCommerce 2.3 Hosting – Hosting Speed Test

High-speed hosting gives your visitors a shorter response time when they surf your site. If your site takes too long to load, visitors can run out of patience and leave; or worse, they can mentally rate your site as being of low quality. Given the low cost of hard drive space these days, speed has really become one of the major factors in differentiating among hosting companies.

The speed of your site for users depends upon a number of factors, including the connection speed between the Internet hosting company and the backbone network, the number of sites sharing the same server, and the server’s CPU speed. Before you sign up for hosting, ask the hosting company sales rep to allow you to run a test download. Although running such a test will not yield for you an absolute measurement of the hosting company’s speed, it will give you a good overall sense of things in this regard.

To help you choose the best osCommerce 2.3 Hosting, we have measured the provider’s speed from independent tools. The following are the speed test result from the providers based on the speed tools on pickuphost speed test website. Speed Test

ASPHostPortal speed test
ASPHostPortal speed test Speed Test

HostForLIFE speed test
HostForLIFE speed test


UKWindowsHostASP.NET Speed Test

UKWindowsHostASP speed test
UKWindowsHostASP speed test


Reliable osCommerce 2.3 Hosting – Hosting Uptime Test

When you are about to choose the web hosting company that will become the host of your website you look for things such as disk space, bandwidth, and price. However, there is something that is often missed and can be crucial in your success with your web host. This is what is known as “uptime”. Uptime refers to statistics that show how many times the servers of the hosting company are up or down. The longer the servers are up the better because that means that website’s are online and visible to visitors.

Generally it is preferred to be hosted by a company that offers 99.9% uptime guarantees. This is the best you can find. There is no such thing as 100% uptime because no matter how good the host is there are always upgrades and maintenance that needs to be applied to the servers. Professional web hosts will do these maintenance and upgrades during low traffic hours (usually around 1-4 AM).

To avoid you choose bad hosting provider, we have measured the provider’s reliability from independent tools. The following are the uptime test result from the providers based on the tools on serviceuptime website. Uptime Test

ASPHostPortal Uptime
ASPHostPortal Uptime Uptime Test

HostForLIFE Uptime
HostForLIFE Uptime



UKWindowsHostASP.NET Uptime Test

UKWindowsHostASP Uptime
UKWindowsHostASP Uptime


4 Big Power of osCommerce Development

Hosting Tips
Hosting Tips

osCommerce has gained huge popularity among store owners. This PHP based software is considered as one of the best shopping cart solutions. It offers them to have their own online boutique, departmental stores, and online supermarket. An owner can enjoy various advantages of employing osCommerce for their online store development. Here are some impressive reasons due to which OsCommerce development is on its rage:

Outstanding Customization

Every E-Commerce store is built with an aim to build a strong recognition in the web world. Hence it’s of vital importance to design the website with extreme precision and hard work. Right from themes, templates, layouts to every single detail required for designing must be carried out with great exactness. The biggest advantage of using OsCommerce customization is that it has limitless options to add in features. And there are OsCommerce developer who acquire forte in building a highly customizable OsCommerce enabled website. There are ample of ways through which OsCommerce developer can craft a website that fits best according to the requirements.

Several Gateways Backing

There are possibilities where your store can miss out on your customers if your store’s payment gateway doesn’t accept customer’s money. Hence next time they won’t come onto your store for shopping. In this case OsCommerce development can create wonder for your online store. With OsCommerce you can affiliate your webstore with payment gateways for instance PayPal, Authorise.Net, Pay nova, Sage pay, etc. which permits secure and steady transactions. So if you make it easy for your customers you are definitely going to retain them in the long run.

Open Source Advantage

With the benefit of OsCommerce development you can enjoy the lucrative online emporium at quite reasonable price. The best part about going for OsCommerce development is that you get an option to skip from the huge licensing fee. With an open source platform like OsCommerce you can enjoy the benefits of easy installation and swift downloading activities. So with OsCommerce being an open source platform you avail top notch benefits at nominal rates.

Admirable Product Management System

With OsCommerce customization you have the flexibility to organize your range of products and services in a manner you wish to. The store owner can even record the listing of most-sold out products that visitors liked on your site. So if you hire OsCommerce developer with expertise you can systematize your online store with various purchase options and customers tracking systems with much of an ease.

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