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windowshostasp-postWhen you embark on the task of building your Umbraco 7.5.2 website, one very important factor that needs to be considered is the Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting service or company you are going to choose to host your Umbraco 7.5.2 website. Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting provides you with disk space for your Umbraco 7.5.2 website and a means for online users to view your website. An Umbraco 7.5.2 host’s purpose can be simply translated to the online virtual home of your Umbraco 7.5.2 website.

Your task of finding the right Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting is to simply analyze a few major aspects of the web hosting company to make sure it will suffice your Umbraco 7.5.2 website’s needs. A commercial Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting company has many tools and features. Since you will be paying them a fee, you should be aware of all of said features (or lack thereof). There are many variables that can determine and differentiate between a good Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting company and one that lacks considerably.

What you should understand is that hosting your website on an inadequate Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting could cost you a great deal of success in the long run. In this article, we have reviewed 55+ Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting provider that have fast speed and cheap price. The following are Top 3 Best Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting provider for you.

Hosting ProviderASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Average Reviewrate5rate48rate45




Basic FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Disk Space5 GBUnlimited1 GB
Bandwidth60 GBUnlimited20 GB
Websites on AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited5 sites
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited1
SmarterMail SupportYesYesYes
Email Space200 MB200 MB500 MB
ASP.NET FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Windows2012 R22012 R22012 R2
Trust LevelFullFullFull
Application PoolDedicatedDedicatedDedicated
ASP.NETLatest VersionLatest VersionLatest Version
ASP.NET MVCLatest VersionLatest VersionLatest Version
MySQL200 MB100 MB100 MB
Control PanelPleskPleskPlesk
WCF ServicesYesYesYes
Web MatrixYesYesYes
Web DeployYesYesYes
URL RewriteYesYesYes
Advanced FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
SSL SupportYesYesYes
Site BackupsDailyDailyDaily
Instant ActivationYesYesYes
Hosting UpgradeYesYesYes
Customer Support24/7/36524/7/36524/7/365
Our ReviewASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Server Speedrate5rate48rate48
Customer Supportrate5rate5rate45
Average Reviewrate5rate48rate45

Best and Cheap Umbraco 7.5.2 Hosting With ASPHostPortal

ahpssASPHostPortal is a Windows ASP.NET hosting company serving thousands of customers, both businesses and individuals. Founded in 2008, the company has its own datacenter and nationwide fiber network. Microsoft has been recommended ASPHostPortal since 2010. If you are looking for Windows ASP.NET hosting provider that offers Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting, sql server hosting, and sharepoint hosting, ASPHostPortal is a viable option.

Many of the most Umbraco web developers choose ASPHostPortal as their Umbraco hosting company. ASPHostPortal offers many different services and amenities for free, instead of charging you for them ala carte like most web hosting companies. Instead of ending up paying double the price you thought you’d be paying for web hosting, or more, once all the additional charges are tacked on you can pay one low monthly fee for the same services with ASPHostPortal.

ASPHostPortal Umbraco 7.5.2 Hosting Speed


ASPHostPortal uses a high speed OC-48 for their bandwidth connection. Their ticket support line is open 24/7/365. The company offers 99.9 percent guaranteed uptime. All of their Windows hosting plan supports Umbraco 7.5.2 and customers can install it with just one click. You can get your best Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting with

High Performance and Reliable Server
They never ever overload their server with tons of clients. They always load balance their server to make sure They can deliver an excellent service, coupling with the high performance and reliable server.

Daily Backup Service
They realise that your website is very important to your business and hence, They never ever forget to create a daily backup.

Best and Friendly Support
Use’s website building tools to get that special, customized look for your website. A nifty wizard will walk you through the process.

Great Web Builder
Their support team is extremely fast and can help you with setting up and using Umbraco 7.5.2 on your account. Their customer support will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a Theyek and 365 days a year.

Cheap and Reliable Umbraco 7.5.2 Hosting With HostForLIFE

hflssHostForLIFE is one of the 20 largest Umbraco hosting providers in Europe. Some of the features that make it so appealing to customers include free instant set up, free one-click script installs, and free SQL server database. If you are searching for affordable Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting with lots of features, HostForLIFE is an excellent option. The company provides excellent customer support, advanced Umbraco 7.5.2 solutions, and unlimited disk storage.

Unlike other Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting companies, HostForLIFE features one standard package designed for both individuals and business customers. This one-plan-size-fits-all strategy is ideal for customers who desire full functionality on a small budget. Whether you have a personal blog or a corporate website, you will get unlimited disk storage, unlimited domain hosting, add-on domains, sub domains, parked domains, FTP access, and daily backup service. Umbraco 7.5.2 Hosting Speed


HostForLIFE has been in business for over 15 years. The company offers one of the best customer support services on the market. Their hosting plans can help you increase your marketing reach and take your business to the next level. If you are looking for a company that offers affordable web hosting and excellent customer service, then HostForLIFE is a good option.

Reliability guarantees the highest quality product, top security, and unshakeable reliability. They carefully chose high-quality servers, networking, and infrastructure equipment to ensure the utmost reliability.

Best Technology
They have included ASP.NET framework support on all their hosting plan. ASP.NET website is 100% compatible with IIS web server. You can mix your website with different languages regardless of ASP, ASP.NET, PHP or even CGI. All in one hosting plan.

World Class Data Center currently operates data center located in Amsterdam (NL), London (UK), Seattle (US), Paris (FR) and Frankfurt (DE). All their data center offers complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security.

Fast and Cheap Umbraco 7.5.2 Hosting With UKWindowsHostASP

ukwinssEstablished in 2012, UKWindowsHostASP is one of the largest Umbraco hosting providers in UK. The company has over 20,000 customers and hosts millions of domains. What makes UKWindowsHostASP different from other hosting providers is that it offers one standard plan that suits both individuals and businesses. Their hosting plan offers everything you need to set up your website and start selling products.

The company provides customers with a free SQL server database. You can purchase unlimited domains and set up online stores or corporate websites within hours. You don’t even need a web designer to get started. UKWindowsHostASP offers one-click script installs for Umbraco, WordPress, DotNetNuke, and Joomla. You also get great customer service that is available 24 hour a day and seven days a week. If you need help setting up your website or installing scripts, you can contact their support team.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET Speed Test


UKWindowsHostASP is one of the few companies offering affordable Umbraco 7.5.2 hosting with great uptime service for business owners. Whether you have a corporate website or you are just starting your own affiliate business, you will benefit from the many features offered by this company. For cheap, best, and affordable UK Umbraco 7.5.2 Hosting, look no further than UKWindowsHostASP.NET for all your web hosting related needs.

  • 24/7-based Support
  • Excellent Uptime Rate
  • High Performance and Reliable Server
  • Experts in Umbraco Hosting
  • Daily Backup Service
  • Easy Site Administration