Cheap Moodle 3.1.3 Hosting with FREE Daily Backup

Choosing Moodle 3.1.3 Hosting

Moodle 3.1.3 without any doubt won the crown for one of the best Open source E-learning application platforms in recent years. Moodle 3.1.3 launched in 2001, in such a short time it has gained tremendous success not only in e-learning application development but also for its mind blowing and flexible functions and features.

Cheap Moodle 3.1.3 Hosting with FREE Daily Backup

Today, many e-learning and education sites have been created everyday with the help of Moodle 3.1.3 but when it comes to choose a Moodle 3.1.3 hosting service provider or appropriate hosting service provider for Moodle 3.1.3, most of us might get confused and don’t know what to consider while choosing Moodle 3.1.3 hosting. is a great company to look at because they do a lot to stand out from the competition. They are one of the leading Moodle 3.1.3 hosting providers in the market today and have grown by leaps and bounds in a short time.

ASPHostPortal – Best Moodle 3.1.3 Hosting Solution


ASPHostPortal offers a wealth of standard features to anyone that is willing to sign up, including, large disk space, unlimited domains, domain privacy, world class control panel, international domain name support, MySQL database, MSSQL Database, large bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, free daily backup service, unlimited parked domains, and so much more.

You won’t find another Moodle 3.1.3 host that offers so many standard features, and then throws an extra amount of bonus features to sweeten the deal. All these features for a low price of $5 a month! An account comes with free set-up, no hidden fees, and 30 days money back guarantee.

Moodle 3.1.3 Complete Solution offers 1 click installer for Moodle scripts, and offer 99.9% network uptime guarantees. That means your Moodle site will always be up, and if you have an online business, you can make money while you sleep, no matter what happens.

Best and Reliable Moodle 3.1.3 Hosting

Moodle 3.1.3 is now available in Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS). A simple interface, drag-and-drop features, and well-documented resources along with ongoing usability improvements make Moodle 3.1.3 easy to learn and use. Moodle 3.1.3 is provided freely as Open Source software, under the GNU General Public License.


You need a stable and responsive Moodle 3.1.3 hosting service for your Moodle CMS site. Sign up their Moodle 3.1.3 hosting to get reliable Moodle 3.1.3 service. is here to provide guaranteed, high performance Moodle 3.1.3 hosting so your Moodle 3.1.3 site will perform at its very best.

Best Programming Support hosting servers come ready with the latest Moodle 3.1.3 version. You can get access directly to your Moodle 3.1.3 from their world class Plesk Control Panel.

Best and Friendly Support
Their customer support will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to assist you.

Easy to Use Tools use World Class Plesk Control Panel that help you with single-click Moodle 3.1.3 installation.

Best Server Technology
The minimal specs of their servers includes Intel Xeon Dual Core Processor, RAID-10 protected hard disk space with minimum 8 GB RAM. You dont need to worry about the speed of your site.

Uptime & Support Guarantees
They are so confident in their hosting services they will not only provide you with a 30 days money back guarantee, but also give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

About Moodle 3.1.3 Hosting

Moodle itself is usually only 10% of a fully successful implementation of your learning environment – for everything else see our worldwide network of certified service providers – they’re ready to help you and your organisation grow with Moodle.

The Moodle learning platform is based on strong pedagogical principles, providing a private learning space for you to design online courses with flexible content and collaborative activities so your students are constantly experiencing feedback.

With Moodle 3.1.3, a number of security related issues were resolved. Details of these issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version.

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-47500 – SCORM: Remove blank space on top
  • MDL-54852 – Assignment: Do not display “Do you want to leave this page” dialogue on PDF grading screen when changes are saved
  • MDL-29332 – Allow calculated questions to have variables with case differences (usually affects upgrades from before Moodle 2.1)
  • MDL-56129 – Fix video playback with iOS 10.0 and 10.1 devices (iPad / iPhone)
  • MDL-29774 – When adding group members and using user search display groups of potential members
  • MDL-42041 – Book: put “Turn editing on” button in a more obvious location
  • MDL-56368 – Fixed alignment of settings for Restrict Access when activity titles are very long
  • MDL-55858 – Remove unsubscribe link from notification email in forum with forced subscription
  • MDL-45969 – PDF annotations now show the submission of the selected attempt (fixed the bug when only last attempt was shown)
  • MDL-55505 – Assignment: Fixed bug when editing grades for previous submission attempts overwrites existing grades
  • MDL-56328 – Bootstrapbase Themes – reduce section activity indent when not editing


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