5 Powerful WordPress Plugin to Bring Much Traffic

WordPress is the most common blogging platform on the Internet today. No blog should be taken lightly. You should be showing a professional look and feel to your blog in order to gain readership and create conversions on any products that you are promoting.


There are many ways to directly increase traffic to your blog, but there are even more indirect ways to give your blog traffic a significant boost. Using the WordPress plugins listed below, you can automate the process of leveraging some of the best blog traffic building opportunties available through search engine optimization, social bookmarking and social networking. Here is a list of tips to help you along your way with the WordPress platform.

1. Commenting

Comments are a great way to get your readers to interact with the content that you are putting up on your blog. Many webmasters take full advantage of commenting by allowing members to post their comments to Facebook as well as on their blog. In order to do this you will need a specific plug-in called TDO Mini Forms Plug-In.

This will automatically enable your visitors and readers to comment on your blog posts. Once the WordPress plug-in is installed on your blog, readers will be able to comment and the comment will be put into a draft for your approval. You should make it a habit to go through the different drafts every day and approve the comments that you feel are relevant to your niche. Once the comments are approved they will automatically be posted to the commenter’s Facebook account.

2. Breaking Up Comments

If you have a lengthy post with quality content, you are going to start getting a lot of comments. When you start receiving these comments it is best to break them up into different pages on your blog. In order to do this you will need to install a WordPress plug-in called Paginated Comments.

One of the best advantages of breaking up your comments into different pages is that it allows for the newest comments to appear at the top of the page while older comments are separated into different numerated page numbers at the bottom of your post. One of the most annoying aspects of looking at a blog is scrolling down through hundreds of comments. This plug-in tackles that problem giving you an invaluable resource to putting more posts under the post that they want to comment on.

3. Images And Captions

Images are a great accessory to any post, but captions add more. Putting original content in your captions is a good way to give your reader even more information. Images are scanned by the Google bots and so are captions. If an image is optimized for the search engines then it can be included in the Google Images search.

If you have a caption for the image then this will also be included in the Google Image searches. When you have a quality caption for your image, you can easily get a conversion from Google Images to your WordPress blog. Make sure that all of your image captions are relevant to your niche and you should start seeing more traffic.

4. Protecting Your Blog

Protecting your blog from plagiarism is one of the most important aspects of keeping your online authority. There are a lot of different methods for protecting against plagiarism, but the Simple Feed Copyright Plug-in is one of best. The plug-in can be activated from the main menu once it is installed through the plug-in directory.

Plagiarism is a growing concern online and by using plagiarism tools you will cut down on the amount of people that are stealing your content. This plug-in will post a copyright note at the end of each article you post. This protects your content from being copied by other users or bloggers online. You also get a notification when somebody is trying to cut and paste your content to their website.

5. Duplicated Posts

Every once in a while you’ll upload a duplicated post. The last thing that you want for your blog is to come off as unprofessional. Duplicated posts can easily make it look amateur. A great plug-in to have what will help you manage duplicated posts is the Delte Duplicated Posts Plug-in.

This plug-in will scan every post that is being uploaded and will delete any duplicated posts that are already uploaded. This plug-in will also detect posts that are similar to other articles that you’ve already put on your WordPress blog. If you’re working ina specific niche market it’s only natural that you would put up a post that is similar to another article you’ve already written. This plug-in will automatically let you know when this is occurring.

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WordPress is a publishing platform used for building websites and blogs. It allows for a highly customizable user interface. WordPress powers millions of websites in worldwide, and many big brands use WordPress: CNN, PlayStation, New York Times Blogs, People Magazine, and even Ford- they all use WordPress. Pretty impressive list of users, if it’s good enough for the big boys, it’s good enough for your site.

A great thing about WordPress is, it’s completely open source which means that the source code used to run WordPress is available to the general public. This means that anyone on the planet can modify the code if necessary and customize WordPress even further to be what they need. Often, this isn’t necessary, but it also means that some plugins and themes (templates) created for the platform are also open source. Imagine a world-wide community working together to add more features and functionality to WordPress, you’re not limited to only being able to use specific employees or developers to produce customizations, which means it’s a powerful CMS system ready to do what you need it to, it’s flexible, and easy to customize.

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The WordPress blog platform that you install at your own chosen web host and use with your own domain name, is an excellent choice for your blogging efforts. WordPress makes it easy for anyone to set up, manage and maintain a website, and you can do it without being a total geek. WordPress lets you quickly and easily create posts, which are basically the blog part of WordPress, and they are usually organized by time-of-post, are usually open for comments, and they are the content to build out the meat of your site. With WordPress, there are hundreds and hundreds of free themes available so you can easily manage your site’s look and feel.

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