Announces DotNetNuke 8.0.2 Hosting Solution

dnn802 was established with the goal to provide high quality hosting services for everyone. They believe that providing high quality services should come at an affordable price. For this reason they have provided exceptional plans, at the lowest prices, for the best services possible, on fastest nodes ever. Today, they offer DotNetNuke 8.0.2 hosting with cheap price and good service.

DotNetNuke is an expandable Web Application Platform. Third party applications and services can be deployed as DotNetNuke Modules. Modules are pieces of code that each present some functionality to the user, like a personnel contacts list, events calendar, or a list of announcements. Installing a module is a simple administrative task and it does not require programming. Once installed, third party modules are visually integrated with the rest of the site because they use the graphic styles of the current Skin.

Modules are completely integrated with the site security and internationalization settings. Modules can be easily added, edited, deleted, restored, moved around on a page, or transferred to other pages. DotNetNuke is fully localized. Built-in multi-language localization features allow administrators worldwide to easily use and adapt DotNetNuke software for their own use. Over 50 Language Packs are available through the DotNetNuke community. provides Premium DotNetNuke 8.0.2 hosting plan on high performance servers and high-speed internet connection in the world. Every server is equipped with at least 2x Intel Xeon Quad-Core processors and massive amounts of memory. They are using SSD’s for storage, which provides much higher performance in terms of I/O and data transfer speed. The servers are connected to the network using multiple 1Gbps ports (bond network). To learn more about their DotNetNuke 8.0.2 Hosting, please visit

About is The Best, Cheap and Recommended ASP.NET & Linux Hosting. has ability to support the latest Microsoft, ASP.NET, and Linux technology, such as: such as: WebMatrix, Web Deploy, Visual Studio, Latest ASP.NET Version, Latest ASP.NET MVC Version, Silverlight and Visual Studio Light Switch, Latest MySql version, Latest PHPMyAdmin, Support PHP, etc. Their service includes shared hosting, reseller hosting, and Sharepoint hosting, with speciality in ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Linux solutions. Protection, trustworthiness, and performance are at the core of hosting operations to make certain every website and software hosted is so secured and performs at the best possible level.

Want Fast and Uptime DotNetNuke Hosting? Here is solution

High Quality DotNetNuke Hosting

Finding the best DotNetNuke hosting solutions is a lot like finding a new car. Ultimately, your web host needs to get you from point A to point B, but understanding which features are important to you as a consumer makes the difference between buying a lemon or a Ferrari.


Deciding which are the important features and components can be a confounding task. Any wrong choice or hasty decision could result in lost sales and revenue leading to heart-ache in an ever competitive market.

To avoid you with the wrong choice, we have reviewed more than 50 ASP.NET hosting in Europe. Based on their price, speed, uptime, support and guarantee, we highly recommend you to host with

hfl shared

They are using powerful Dell servers that are beefy enough to service the requirements of customers. Their servers use 64 bit software, are dual quad-core, have at least 16 GB RAM, and have RAID 10 disk arrays. They don’t skimp on their servers to give you better experience.

Recommended DotNetNuke Hosting in Europe

hostforlifeblue-01Choosing a web host is in fact one the most important parts of setting up an online business. You need a service that is fast; easy to use and understand; provides excellent support; and is serious enough about its operations to guarantee that your website will never be down unless the entire datacenter were completely demolished.

Daily Back up has implemented a revolutionary custom in-house backup system, allowing them to create an entire backup ecosystem. They remotely backup your data across multiple datacenters every night, giving you the ability to restore precious data in an instant.

Reliable offers a highly redundant, carrier-class architecture, designed around the needs of shared hosting customers. The company’s prices for shared and dedicated hosting are competitive; its features and perks are robust

Great Support hired an army of the very best technicians, managers and web hosting gurus. That means clear, professional support, fast. Their team are standing by to respond to your queries around the clock, big or small, and we’ll be there for you – 24×7, 365 days a year.

What is DotNetNuke Hosting?

dnnWeb application platforms like DotNetNuke (DNN), web portals, have grown in popularity over the years because they do a very good job of solving the problem of basic web application plumbing. Security, user creation and management, forgotten passwords, page layout, backups, and multi-site/single-footprint capabilities are all common among major portal systems. Web portal systems do all that for you, but that’s where they stop. Or rather, that’s where you start.

Web application platform and infrastructure is obviously necessary, but businesses need custom solutions for the problems they face. Fortunately, platforms like DotNetNuke make it possible to extend basic functionality by running custom programming within the site pages. You can do this without getting into the core programming of the portal system called modules in DotNetNuke, these self-contained business application components are known by many names in other portal systems: SharePoint calls them Web Parts, Java-based portal servers call them Port lets, and PHP-Nuke calls them blocks.

DotNetNuke allows you to get down to the business of implementing great new web site features without having to worry about the basics of user management, pages, and security. While the process of creating your custom DNN modules isn’t difficult it can be hard to get your mind wrapped around how it all works. Proudly Announces DotNetNuke 7.3.4 Hosting Proudly Announces DotNetNuke 7.3.4 Hosting, The Best, Cheap and Recommended ASP.NET Hosting proudly announces DotNetNuke 7.3.4 Hosting with a combination of affordable price, fast & stable network and high customer satisfaction rate. provides full trust web hosting services for DotNetNuke 7.3.4 site.

DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) provides a suite of solutions for creating rich, rewarding online experiences for customers, partners and employees. DNN products and technology are the foundation for 750,000+ websites worldwide. In addition to commercial CMS and social community solutions, DNN is the steward of the DotNetNuke Open Source Project.

DNN Platform 7.3.4 has been released. The 7.3.4 release is a stabilization release. DNN 7.3.4 is a smaller maintenance release than normal and is focused on addressing the most serious platform issues. This version release to solve some issue, such as : fixed issue where site settings were not updating correctly in multi-language installations, fixed issue where partial site templates were not working correctly with child sites, fixed issue where links created in Telerik RadEditor were not correct and many others., a windows-based hosting service provider offers the most reliable and stable DotNetNuke 7.3.4 web hosting infrastructure on the net with great features, fast and secure servers. Customer’s site will be hosted in USA, Amsterdams or Singapore based server. All of their windows hosting plan supports DotNetNuke 7.3.4 and customers can install DotNetNuke 7.3.4 with just one click. They offer professional DotNetnuke 7.3.4 site start from $5/month. The following are the reasons why their customers choose and keep trust with their service :

Uptime & Support Guarantees

They are so confident in Windows hosting services,  they not only provide customers with a 30 days money back guarantee, but also give 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Best and Friendly Support

Their support team is extremely fast and can help customers with setting up and using DotNetNuke 7.3.4 on their account. Their customer support will help their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Dedicated Application Pool

Customer’s site will be hosted using isolated application pool in order to meet maximum security standard and reliability. is The Best, Cheap and Recommended ASP.NET Hosting. With the DotNetNuke 7.3.4 in their hosting deal will make ASPHostPortal continue to be the Best ASP.NET hosting providers. To learn more about DotNetNuke 7.3.4 Hosting, please visit

About : is The Best, Cheap and Recommended ASP.NET Hosting. has ability to support the latest Microsoft and ASP.NET technology, such as: such as: WebMatrix, WebDeploy, Visual Studio 2015, .NET 5/ASP.NET 4.5.2, ASP.NET MVC 6.0/5.2, Silverlight 6 and Visual Studio Lightswitch. ASPHostPortal include shared hosting, reseller hosting, and sharepoint hosting, with speciality in ASP.NET, SQL Server, and architecting highly scalable solutions. strives to supply probably the most technologically advanced hosting solutions available to all consumers the world over. Protection, trustworthiness, and performance are on the core of hosting operations to make certain each and every website and/or software hosted is so secured and performs at the best possible level.

Best Reliable DotNetNuke 7.3.4 Hosting with proudly launches the support of DotNetNuke 7.3.4 on all their newest Windows Server environment. DotNetNuke 7.3.4 Hosting plan starts from just as low as €3.00/month only and this plan has supported ASP.NET 5, ASP.NET MVC 5/6 and SQL Server 2012/2014.

DotNetNuke 7.3.4, as well known in the web industry and familiar among .NET developers, is a Web Content Management System (WCMS) based on Microsoft .NET platform. It is an excellent open source software that you can use to manage your website without having much technical knowledge. clients are specialized in providing supports for DotNetNuke for many years. They are glad to provide support for European DotNetNuke 7.3.4 hosting users with advices and troubleshooting for their clients website when necessary.

DotNetNuke 7.3.4 is a smaller maintenance release than normal and is focused on addressing the most serious platform issues. DotNetNuke 7.3.4 addresses a number of platform issues and should be the last release before DNN 7.4.0. DNN 7.3.4 added ability to save localized lists to resource file, added method to remove all subscriptions from a ContentItem, fixed issue where AUM was not correctly handling 301 redirects, Fixed issue where popup iframe is not initialized correctly and fixed issue where multiple region/country controls in a profile did not work correctly.

DotNetNuke 7.3.4 will be a great content management system that support many advance website features such as blogs, forums, e-commerce system, photo galleries and more. DotNetNuke 7.3.4 is a great platform to build your web presence with. can help customize any web software that company wishes to utilize.

Further information and the full range of features DotNetNuke 7.3.4 Hosting can be viewed here

About Company is European Windows Hosting Provider which focuses on Windows Platform only. deliver on-demand hosting solutions including shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and IT as a Service for companies of all sizes. is awarded Top No#1 SPOTLIGHT Recommended Hosting Partner by Microsoft (see Their service is ranked the highest top #1 spot in several European countries, such as: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and other European countries.

Best and Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting Reviews 2014

Best and Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting Reviews 2014

Dotnetnuke or DNN hosting is offered through hosting plans with general support over .net applications. Dotnetnuke is the NO.1 open sourced application that’s used for enterprise applications or personal website, blogs, community forums and more! Dotnetnuke is only limited by your imagination! Plus thousands of third party modules & skins, you can use dotnetnuke on almost every online projects.

If your website is Dotnetnuke based, it’s quite important to find a right dotnetnuke comparitble hosting provider or else you may encounter many critical issues. A quality dotnetnuke hosting provider must have following minimum features offered
Leading server platform. A decent dnn hosting plan must be configured on the most reliable windows server. For up to date choice, windows server 2012 is the best.

User friendly. The dotnetnuke service must be easy to use by both professionals and novice. A decent hosting provider offers auto installation for this software as well as some good skins to customize your dnn site. In order to be user friendly, their service is configured via either plesk or website panel.

Knowlegeable Support. Tier one support must be trained to be familiar with both sales and basic dotnetnuke troubleshooting. Most of the time you don’t really need to contact ticket system and wait hours for simple solution, the live support be able to handle simple issues pretty quick.

Worry free. A leading dnn hosting service must be propared for trial period or at least 30 days money back guarantee. In case it’s not working properly you can request refund so you won’t loose money.

Professional customer support. Professional and fast customer support is a must for a reliable dotnetnuke web hosting provider. You can read some reviews concerning this theme or register an account and test the effectiveness of web host you have chosen. Video tutorials are the other great thing offered by various hosting companies.

Best and Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting

Based on over 3 months’ review and real experience with 50+ ASP.NET hosting providers and more than 500 verified customer reviews and ratings, we had come out the best and cheap 5 cost effective DotNetNuke hosting provider –, Midphase, SuperbHosting, and GATE.COM. – has been Microsoft recommended hosting provider. They make it easy to get setup with an auto-installer for DotNetNuke and ensure that DotNetNuke updates are available within 24 hours of their release, to help maintain your DotNetNuke website’s security. They also throw in lots of helpful add-ons and provide you with everything you’ll need to get started on your new DotNetNuke website. Because of their scale they are able to do it for dirt cheap as well. Starting at $5.00/mo, the DotNetNuke plan includes a one click install setup, dedicated application pool, Plesk Panel, and allows to host unlimited DotNetNuke sites on 1 account. customer support provides 24/7/365 support via email ticketing. Their system admins and tech staff are 100% on-site and are available anytime if you need them and their average waiting times are less than 30 seconds. Besides this, their staff guarantees helping customers with their questions and issues on DotNetNuke. is the ideal choice if you just want a cheap & reliable DotNetNuke web host.

Midphase – Midphase DNN hosting plan offers Unlimited disk space /bandwidth. FREE Domain /Setup. Starts from $5.95/mo for 3 years registration. Midphase is famous for it’s reliability and performance but not just offers everything unlimited. You get what you pay, midphase guarantees 99% uptime and 30 days full money back.

SuperbHosting – With a 12 year history of excellence, Superb Hosting is the superior choice for all your web hosting and domain registration needs, including dedicated and custom-built dedicated servers, scalable and full-rack collocation, and custom shared hosting solutions. SuperbHosting DNN Hosting starts from $8.50/mo and you can have free domain, 50GB disk space, 750 GB bandwidth,etc. is a division of Abacus America, Inc which is founded in 1992. By the end of 2010, they serve over 300,000 customers with over 600,000 domains. Only $5.95/month for DotNetNuke , you can get 15 GB disk space 250 bandwidth, all cutting-edge latest technologies from Microsoft, like .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET MVC 1 and 2 (v3 will be live soon after its RTM), MS SQL Server Express 2008 R2 (allows your data file up to 10GB).

GATE.COMGATE.COM is known as a web hosting company which brought a professional approach in the Web Hosting Industry. They provide highly effective services supported by a team of skilled engineers. offers four packages available for each hosting platform. Plans start out as low as $9.95 per month. Each package includes plenty of bandwidth, disk space, features and applications. All plans include a variety of bonus features depending upon the plan. Every plan includes a Google AdWords credit and a banner builder.