ASP.NET 5 DNVM version mismatch issues

When running first 5 web application, you might meet some compiling errors, most scenarios relate with DNVM.

1.Try dnvm list first
the Active and Alias should be matched, other wise will confuse dnu restore
1.0.0-beta4 clr x64 C:\Users\yourfolder\.dnx\runtimes
* 1.0.0-beta4 clr x86 C:\Users\yourfolder\.dnx\runtimes d
1.0.0-beta4 coreclr x64 C:\Users\yourfolder\.dnx\runtimes
1.0.0-beta4 coreclr x86 C:\Users\yourfolder\.dnx\runtimes
1.0.0-beta5-12087 clr x86 C:\Users\yourfolder\.dnx\runtimes
1.0.0-beta5-12103 clr x86 C:\Users\yourfolder\.dnx\runtimes
1.0.0-beta5-12103 coreclr x64 C:\Users\yourfolder\.dnx\runtimes
1.0.0-beta5-12103 coreclr x86 C:\Users\Lawrence\.dnx\runtimes
1.0.0-beta6-12099 coreclr x86 C:\Users\Lawrence\.dnx\runtimes
1.0.0-beta6-12120 clr x86 C:\Users\Lawrence\.dnx\runtimes

2. use: dnvm use -r coreclr -arch x64 1.0.0-beta4 to set active
3. use: dnvm alias default 1.0.0-beta4 to set default

4. dnvm install version to get latest , but sometime it happen with some errors, delete C:\Program Files\Microsoft DNX\Dnvm\dnvm.cmd will be fine.


The .NET Execution Environment (DNX) provides a consistent development and execution environment across multiple platforms (Windows, OS X, Linux), multiple CPU architectures (x86, x64) and different .NET flavors (.NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono).

dnvm is the .NET Version Manager, a set of command line utilities to update and configure which .NET Runtime to use.

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