Recommendation for Windows Dedicated Server – Who is The Best?

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When it comes to dedicated server hosting, if you are looking to upgrade from using Windows web hosting services then you are most likely to be considering a Windows dedicated server for your future web hosting needs. Windows dedicated server hosting is able to offer so much more than both Windows shared hosting and Windows VPS hosting; you are provided with your own physical server, and because of that you have full use of your resources because you aren’t forced to share any portion of your Windows dedicated server with anyone else. However, having your own physical server with dedicated resources does come at a cost; regardless of the specification of your dedicated server, dedicated server hosting services are amongst the most expensive in the web hosting industry. Windows dedicated servers should only be considered under certain circumstances when you have decided that lower forms of Windows web hosting aren’t able to meet your needs and neither is Linux dedicated server hosting; such a situation may rise if you wish to host a website which is based on either classic ASP or ASP.NET.

What is the process of deciding whether or not a dedicated server is right for you? If you are already on a VPS and your website application is outperforming your wildest expectations, then an upgrade to a dedicated server is for you. Normally if this is the case, you would have had a talk with a system administrator and they would recommend a dedicated server plan for you.
There are a lot of companies who will offer you a dedicated server, and there appears to be an infinite number of options. Following some principles will help you to unravel the complexities.

Hardware Specs

Operating System

If you are looking to host ASP.NET code, MS SQL Server or to use Microsoft IIS, you need a Microsoft Windows Dedicated Server. If you wish to use an open source stack such as Apache/php/mysql (LAMP) or Ruby On Rails, a Linux server is the best choice.

Web Server and Database Server

 Depending on your technology stack, you might need a server with plenty of RAM, especially if the architecture builds upon Windows, Java or Ruby, all of which are known to be power hungry.


For SQL, video-transcoding, virtualization, or specialized applications like game or chat servers, you may need a multi-processor server, such as a dual Xeon server.


If you plan to host images, multimedia like flash videos or an Asterisk VOIP server, the bandwidth and uplink speed provided by the hosting provider are key criteria.


If you do not have the expertise of a system administrator to manage your server, consider managed services. A good web hosting company should be able to offer you expert advice on how to do load balancing, clustering or any tailored environment, as well as good support.

How Your Hosting Provider Guarantee Their Services

Watch for companies that do not have a money back guarantee. Otherwise, you could end up signing up with a hosting company and realize 2 weeks in that your website is inaccessible 20% of the time. With a guarantee, you can check out the service first hand at no risk to you.

Your Budget is Also Important

It is clear that the more advanced a dedicated server you choose, the more you have to spend on it! So, you need to balance your dedicated server requirements to match with what your budget can realistically provide you. What has the most influence on your web hosting budget?

Server Setup Fees

You need to ask whether they charge you for setup fee. Most of windows dedicated hosting provider charge for setup fee. So, you need to ask them how much it will cost.

Hard Drive Disk Storage

Will you be running a file server for your company, or hosting many websites? This factor will influence how much disk space you will need and ultimately which hosting plan you would be choosing.
To keep within budget, it is best to stay with what amount of storage that is given for a specific plan. However, to get the most for your money if you do need more disk space, then see if you can add more storage to an existing plan. To do this, get a hold of a sales person who can try to make it happen for you

Price of extra traffic

Some providers will offer unmetered traffic, but in this case traffic is usually limited in other ways (like bandwidth). Check how much traffic is included in your monthly price, compare it to your expected traffic, then see how much extra it might cost you if you surpass your traffic limit.

Migration and decommissioning costs

will it cost you to migrate to your new server? This is the question that you may ask to their sales team. How about the cancellation request? Is it free or not?

Any Recommendation for Cheap and Reliable Windows Dedicated Server

Decisions are tough. When it comes to web hosting, do you go with cloud hosting, a dedicated server, or managed hosting solution? You’ve settled on the dedicated server option, now the most important decision of all: who’s best to host your site?
Looking for the best dedicated server hosting services money can buy? Here are dedicated server reviews of the top five dedicated server companies to help you make your decision.


This web hosting company comes in at number one. 100TB will give you a high power dedicated server hosting option that performs exceptionally at an exceptionally affordable price. All of their servers are fully automated, and as such give you a reliable, fast network.
Enjoy the 1Gbit dedicated port, 100TB bandwidth, and 2 X 1TB hard drive. They have a reputation for providing the latest in technology which adds up to amazing performance. Whether Windows- or Linux-based, 100TB has you covered. cPanel is used for Linux, and PLESK for Windows.


Relying on Intel processors, Kingston memory, Western Digital, and Seagate hard drives, Chicago, IL-based Single Hop specializes in Linux or Windows dedicated servers. Whether cloud or cluster hosting, it’s easy to see why this is one of the top web hosting companies.
Single Hop gives customers their own server control panel, called LEAP, requiring no tech support at all. It is essentially an Ajax platform that give the customers the power to control new tasks like checking bandwidth or restarting the servers.


Founded in 2008, ASPHostPortal web hosting company is rated number one when it comes to providing dedicated server hosting services. ASPHostPortal provide efficient servers for Windows. The ASPHostPortal server hosting have a vast lineup of myriad hardware packages. The customizable server packages come with RAM of worth 4 GB. The hard disk space offered is around 250 to 500 GB.
ASPHostPortal offers efficient servers at low costs which are particularly ideal for businesses of budget. ASPHostPortal windows cloudserver is pricing from $18/mo (single node), they use Xen as their hypervisor of choice to ensure that clients have rapid provisioning, fault tolerance, less complexity than other virtualization solutions and live migrations so clients do not experience downtime. And ASPHostPortal is able to dynamically assign RAM and CPU providing instant scalability to keep up with your business.


InMotion web hosting company is rated number one when it comes to providing dedicated server hosting services. Founded in 2001, it has fast become the industry leader in reliable and affordable hosting solutions. Their outstanding customer tech support and uptime stats of 99.9% set them apart from the rest, offering their clients feature-rich hosting services they just don’t want to part with.
InMotion relies on only Dell servers. Data is backed up on a daily basis. If problems arise and you decide to back out, InMotion offers a 90 day money back guarantee. It isn’t likely you’ll find this the case, as their customer service is second to none.
Count on unlimited My SQL databases, RAID 1 High-Performance data storage exclusive to elite plans, unlimited FTP accounts, Linux Cent OS for those who prefer it, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited individual c Panel sub-accounts.

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