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About Linux Hosting

Linux is a variation of the UNIX based open source operating system that has been widely used in the hosting industry for providing web server, email hosting, and database and DNS services. Linux is also trusted by some of the largest companies, organizations and governments worldwide. What are the various benefits that come for a small business entrepreneur when he or she decides to go in for Linux web hosting?


Foremost, small companies may not require the kind of security that big business houses may be looking for. Hence, instead of going in for the high cost MS-SQL database, they would rather settle down for the much less expensive Linux Web Hosting option. Since Linux is an open source factor, many small business owners find it very flexible and very adaptable. It is very user friendly and more often than not the business owners themselves are able to host their website using Linux Web Hosting technology.

Best and Cheap Linux Hosting Provider

There is nothing more confusing in the internet world than hosting. What kind of hosting is required? Which host should you choose? Should you host your own sites? These are all questions that require a lot of research. Luckily, this review will help you to find a recommended host so you can make the right decision.

Before you sign on with any Linux hosting service, be sure that you take the time to research the service and find any reviews that are available about them. This will keep you from paying for a service that is sub-par and wasting valuable time and money on a service that will not work for you. The following are a list of 3 Best and Cheap Linux Hosting Provider that have reviewed by our expert team.


15 GB Disk Space$4.5/mo
50 GB Bandwidth
500 MB MySQL db
200 MB Email Space
8 GB RAM or higher
Host Unlimited Sites

10 GB Disk Space$5/mo
30 GB Bandwidth
200 MB MySQL db
200 MB Email Space
8 GB RAM or higher
Host Unlimited Site

5 GB Disk SpaceINR 170/mo
15 GB Bandwidth
100 MB MySQL db
100 MB Email Space
8 GB RAM or higher
Host Unlimited Site

ASPHostPortal.com – Best, Cheap, and Reliable Linux Hosting Provider

ahp-banner-linux2ASPHostPortal.com is a great company that the user can select to host his personal or small business website. Another thing that the user needs to consider while selecting a good web hosting company is the server’s uptime. ASPHostPortal.com offers 99.9% guarantee when it comes to the servers uptime. This is one of the best features that are provided by this company. Therefore ASPHostPortal.com guarantees 99.9% uptime, which is excellent.

The server’s uptime can be very important for a website because only a good server can keep the website functioning constantly. If the server goes down then the website won’t be seen by the site visitors. This is why it is very important for the user to go for a company that provides them with maximum uptime. The user must also make sure that the hosting company he picks provides him with everything that he needs to run his website. ASPHostPortal.com offers 4 Linux plan and it can be used to host huge business.

However it is also perfect for small business or personal websites. But this is compensated by the fact that ASPHostPortal.com offers a 99.9% guarantee of uptime. So if the server’s uptime drops, ASPHostPortal.com also give you money back guarantee for first 30 days. Due to this reason the company maintains their servers properly and therefore the uptime rarely falls beneath this threshold. If the uptime did fall beneath the threshold value then the company would not have been able stay in business for long. This is one of the reasons why ASPHostPortal.com is considered to be a very reliable company.

DiscountService.biz – Fast Support Linux Hosting Provider

ds-linux-bannerBy reviewing and looking at DiscountService.biz ‘s website, it’s easy to see that this company will be around. They put-together a serious, professional web-hosting service with all the right stuff. The site’s design works well, as the features are laid-out & easy on the eyes. I even found their contact-information easily. DiscountService.biz has tons of awards from the online industry validating their hosting services.

DiscountService.biz has a very responsive support service. When I email their support team, They answer my email in short time. I asked some basic questions: Do you support mod_rewrite (Yes), do you support mod_security (didn’t know, but checked), and do you keep your Fantastico up-to-date with the latest versions (Yes) The customer-rep was nice, and seemed to know what he was talking about.

I had some other questions about some complicated issued that usually anyone can face. It took only couple of minutes and They have more than one tech on duty, & that’s a great plus to get answers quickly. When I asked if DiscountService.biz supports PHP5 (they said they have two servers that do, and can move accounts if needed (or) desired. I also asked if DiscountService.biz supports Ruby on Rails (No), and if I should use ‘localhost’ as my host name with the script I was trying to install (Yes). I reworded my questions to test the DiscountService.biz’s ticket-support system. It only took 22 minutes to receive their answer. It was impressive, because it was already late in the afternoon, approaching closing-time for most people.

WindowsASPNETHosting.in – Recommended Linux Hosting Provider

wininlinuxWindowsASPNETHosting.in is undoubtedly a great web hosting company that support with Linux and Windows platform. The company is known for its reliable and quality services. WindowsASPNETHosting.in is no joke because the company never compromises on quality. If you are looking to get a web hosting company to avail quality services, WindowsASPNETHosting.in will make a great choice for you. Moreover, WindowsASPNETHosting.in has speedy servers that provide efficiency to the hosting experience of its clients.

WindowsASPNETHosting.in has received positive ratings at the hands of critics and users as they have commended the company’s great services. If you are looking to learn more about WindowsASPNETHosting.in, it is a good idea to search the internet for their reviews. First, go to the official website of WindowsASPNETHosting.in and see if the company has to provide what you want. If you like the company’s features and other added benefits that it will provide you once you become its client, it is advisable to then research on the company’s reviews.

Apart from reading reviews, what you should do is to read customer reviews. Customers are the ones that paint the true picture of any or every company and it is advisable to go through customer reviews to find out about the company. Once you are through with that, you can make a wise choice accordingly. WindowsASPNETHosting.in is however one of the most known and best web hosting provider in the market today. Their reliable services accompanied by top quality leave all of their clients satisfied. Moreover, they also have a very efficient customer support system in tact that helps all of their clients whenever they are in need. If you want a long lasting solution for your website, go for WindowsASPNETHosting.in and secure your website’s future.

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