4 Explosive Internet Marketting Strategies

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Do you want your content promotion campaigns to explode without necessarily straining your wallet with a sky-rocketing budget? If “yes,” then, you may need to read this.

4 Explosive Internet Marketting Strategies

One of the dot marks of the information age that we live in is the abundance of content. As a content producer, your biggest need may not be with its creation but how you can strategically promote it so that it reaches your target- audience in the most efficient manner.

This article is intended to show you 4 online strategies that you can incorporate into your content promotion mix so that you can have an explosion in effectiveness and conversion.

LinkedIn groups

For a serious professional who wants to leverage the power of social networking and connection, LinkedIn is one of those platforms that you cannot afford to miss. However, many professionals have not fully utilized the potential of this site. You can use it to advance the scope of your career relationships and also utilize it as a platform to market your content to defined audiences including gurus who are moving and shaping different industries. Considering that LinkedIn has more than 450 million users, it’s a great platform to incorporate into your business.

Google+ community

For any serious content marketer, excluding Google+ is tantamount to committing promotional suicide. Just as you cannot ignore Google in other marketing campaigns, you cannot forego its social networking community and get maximum results in your campaigns. This network provides you with an opportunity to interact with kindred-minded people and share your valuable content with them.

Link poaching

Links poaching is among the effective content promotion strategies today. You can easily leverage the power of this approach by finding have linked to content like yours and then link them to your new content. This tactic is better and safer than link farms where you link to non-entity kind of sites that won’t take you anywhere.

Optimize your content for SEO

The last but equally important strategy that will give you explosive results is optimizing your content for search engine ranking. If you exclude this strategy from your campaign, you will lock out more than 90 percent of your potential audience.

The reason behind the above is that you can only have a few thousand people linked to you through the three strategies we have covered above. However, when your content is optimized for search engines, it is ranked higher in other promotional sites where you may wish to promote it.

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