Useful Marketing Strategies from 6 Big Online Store

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According to Harshal Shah (web developer) article, With more than 10 million stores over the web, there is no deny in the fact that e-commerce is booming like never before.


The high penetration of mobile devices with hi-speed internet access and the convenience that comes with shopping while being at home of the workplace have triggered the soaring success of these stores.

Sensing the increasing potential to make it big in the e-commerce market, hundreds of entrepreneurs launch an online store across the world.

However, the road is not easy, and they have to hire E-commerce Development Services to implement several e-commerce marketing strategies. These carefully planned strategies help online stores to sustain fierce competition, and eventually to emerge out as a successful one year after years.

So, let us have a look at the six selected online stores with high conversion rates, and their e-commerce marketing strategies to learn.


The online store selling more than 1 million discounted products like furniture, jewelry, watches, electronic goods, clothing and much more has its headquarters in the United States.

It has implemented over the years multiple e-commerce strategies like investing heavily in search marketing, employing the popular management software Spigit’s Facebook analytics for accurate messaging to the customers, using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to engage its target customers and much more.

Most recently, over-stock has launched its mobile app to meet its high consumer demand for offering mobile deals via an engaging app.

Based in Las Vegas, the online store is a subsidiary company of It offers an array of shoes and clothing for men, women, and kids at some amazing prices.

It has also ranked sixth as on the Fortune magazine’s list of “Best Companies to Work For” in 2011. The prime strategy of Zappos has always been a top-notch customer service via its call center, and word of mouth advertisement.

Etsy is an extremely popular online store engaged in selling handmade items, and unique factory made products like jewelry, clothing, furniture, craft supplies, and much more.

With more than 60 million monthly visitors, it is one of the most successful online stores over the web, and behind this super success lays a bunch of planned e-commerce strategies.

Some of these are an emphasis on aesthetics in store design layout, engaging customers on social networking sites, consistently maintaining brand credibility, fast shipping of ordered products, ensuring fast page loading, and sending personalized newsletters.

The online store sells clothing, shoes, and other items of reputed fashion brands. It was originally a 150-year-old departmental store, which successfully makes a transition into the world of e-commerce.

Its heavy investment in the online store website, development of mobile wallet, and ensuring a seamless shopping experience to its customers irrespective of the channel they use to buy the products goes a long way in making it successful defying all challenges.

This is U.S. department store, which has its physical local stores too. The store offers clothing and some household goods to a large customer base. It has adopted unique e-commerce strategies over the years to experience success.

These are like giving an opportunity to buy from the online store but a pickup of the product from their local stores to cut the shipping cost, making the products ready for pickup within four hours of placing an order, store-specific promotions, engaging customers while they are shopping via latest technology, and much more.

The online store specializes in the task of one-one marketing of an array of items like clothes, shoes, beauty products, shopping essentials, and much more to an approximate 3 million customers.

Apart from ensuring a fantastic design layout for easy search of desirable products under different categories, the strategy that plays a decisive role in its overwhelming success is using the services of Channel Advisor, which is a reputed company offering valuable cloud-based e-commerce solution for easy integration, management, and optimization of their merchandise sales.

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