Tricks for Boosting Back From a Google Penalty

Tricks for Boosting Back From a Google PenaltyWhen Penguin and Panda rolled out, many website owners were devastated as their ranks were swiftly taken away at the blink of an eye.

It’s an issue no business or entrepreneur wants to endure, but will if not careful.

Google is very serious about its algorithm and providing users with the best search results possible.

At this point, website owners scrambled about, looking for SEO services to help their company get back into the good graces of Google.

No one was spared from these updates – not even the billion dollar corporations that faced Google penalties for whatever reasons deemed necessary.

It took a long time for some businesses to get a foot hold on their rankings. The longer they suffered from low rankings, the longer their bottom line suffered.

If you found that you were affected by a Google penalty, then you can use the tips some of the best SEO services companies use to bounce back.

Understanding Penguin and Panda

In order to bounce back, you first need to understand what changes Penguin and Panda brought, so you can have an idea of how it works. This way, you can potentially avoid getting back into trouble with Google. An Internet marketing agency can also help you better understand this:

Penguin: Better catches websites that are using spamming methods, such as purchasing links or getting links through link networks for the sole purpose of boosting their ranks in Google.

Panda: Designed to filter out web pages that are low quality.

Getting Your High Ranking Back

Here is a list of quick tips you can use to get your website back on track after being penalized by Google:

  1. Take a look at your search console on Google. This will have a notification if your site was tagged for web spam.
  2. Take a look at your backlink profile. You can download you link report from the Google Search Console, once known as Webmasters. Check for links stemming from spammy websites and attempt to disavow them.
  3. Analyze the content on your site. Make sure there’s no duplicate content or pieces that were poorly written. Also, avoid using keyword stuffing.
  4. Review recent Google algorithm changes to see if you are in violation of anything. Google is known to change its algorithm between 500 and 600 times annually.

You can work together with an SEO services company to analyze your site and right any wrongs that have been found. This is the quickest and most effective way to get back on the right path to business growth.

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