Top 3 Cheap Drupal 8.1.9 Hosting with Best 24/7 Support

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Cheap Drupal 8.1.9 Hosting

Top 3 Cheap Drupal 8.1.9 Hosting Provider with Best 24/7 Support

Choices, Choices, Choices! This is what you find when you are searching the internet for a good Drupal hosting service. There are so many today that it can seem virtually impossible to find the absolute best of the best.

However, it is not impossible, because simply put all of these Drupal hosting providers are in competition with one another. They are all competing for your business.

In this article, we have reviewed 55+ Drupal 8.1.9 hosting provider that have fast speed and cheap price. The following are Top 3 Best Drupal 8.1.9 hosting provider for you.

Hosting ProviderASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Average Reviewrate5rate48rate45




Basic FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Disk Space5 GBUnlimited1 GB
Bandwidth60 GBUnlimited20 GB
Websites on AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited5 sites
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited1
SmarterMail SupportYesYesYes
Email Space200 MB200 MB500 MB
ASP.NET FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Windows2012 R22012 R22012 R2
Trust LevelFullFullFull
Application PoolDedicatedDedicatedDedicated
ASP.NETLatest VersionLatest VersionLatest Version
ASP.NET MVCLatest VersionLatest VersionLatest Version
MySQL200 MB100 MB100 MB
Control PanelPleskPleskPlesk
WCF ServicesYesYesYes
Web MatrixYesYesYes
Web DeployYesYesYes
URL RewriteYesYesYes
Advanced FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
SSL SupportYesYesYes
Site BackupsDailyDailyDaily
Instant ActivationYesYesYes
Hosting UpgradeYesYesYes
Customer Support24/7/36524/7/36524/7/365
Our ReviewASPHostPortalHostForLIFEUKWindowsHostASP
Server Speedrate5rate48rate48
Customer Supportrate5rate5rate45
Average Reviewrate5rate48rate45

ASPHostPortal – Best and Cheap Drupal 8.1.9 Hosting


ASPHostPortal is one of the top choices for Drupal hosting among business owners.

If you’re looking for a new Drupal hosting company or if you’re just getting a website for your company, ASPHostPortal has the tools and services that you need in order to build a great website that is easy to use and that your customers will flock to.

When it comes to support and service, ASPHostPortal can’t be beat. ASPHostPortal has well trained staff available to help you around the clock every day.

No matter what time zone you’re in, no matter what time of the day or night it is, you can reach a service professional to get help with your website or to get answers to your questions.

If there ever is a problem with your website or your account you can reach a customer service professional by email or by ticket whenever it’s convenient for you.

You are fully supported 24 hours a day with ASPHostPortal, and many business owners like knowing that well trained staff are always just a ticket or email away.

ASPHostPortal Drupal 8.1.9 Hosting Speed Test

ASPHostPortal speed test

If you have chosen to use Drupal, you can count on ASPHostPortal unique handmade hosting solution. They will make sure that Drupal and its popular modules run smoothly on their servers, that you have Drush pre installed on their servers, and your website is safer, faster and better supported than anywhere else!

You need a stable and responsive web hosting service for your Drupal CMS site. is here to provide guaranteed, high performance Drupal hosting so your site will perform at its very best.

Uptime & Support Guarantees
They are so confident in their hosting services they will not only provide you with a 30 days money back guarantee, but also give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Best and Friendly Support
Their support team is extremely fast and can help you with setting up and using Drupal on your account. Their customer support will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Fast and Secure Server
Their powerfull servers are especially optimized and ensure the best performance. They have best data centers on 4 continent, unique account isolation for security, and 24/7 proactive uptime monitoring.

World Class Control Panel
They use World Class Plesk Control Panel that support one-click installation.

Dedicated Application Pool
With ASPHostPortal, your site will be hosted using isolated application pool in order to meet maximum security standard and reliability.

Best European Drupal 8.1.9 Hosting With HostForLIFE


ASPHostPortal servers are monitored 24 hours a day by well trained tech specialists.

Down time is rare, but when it does happen there are plenty of staff available to jump right on the problem and make it right.

Your data and your Drupal website are protected from attacks, down time, and other issues by the dedicated tech specialists who work with ASPHostPortal to keep servers and other infrastructure up and running every day.

Down time means time when you are not getting sales, so if you want to make sure that you are getting the most possible sales, switch to ASPHostPortal so you can be sure your Drupal website is up and running 24 hours a day. Speed Test

HostForLIFE speed test

Support the environment and get great Drupal hosting. ASPHostPortal supports the building and use of Green energy and has purchased Renewable Energy Credits to help the environment and encourage the use of renewable energy like wind and solar energy.

Cheap UK Drupal 8.1.9 Hosting With UKWindowsHostASP


ASPHostPortal is a world leading provider of shared, reseller, and dedicated web hosting. Privately owned and based in London, United Kingdom.

Since then, ASPHostPortal has grown from a small hosting company with only three servers into a world leading and industry accepted hosting provider with more than 5,000 servers under management.

ASPHostPortal currently hosts in excess of 1.3 million domains which makes up around 1% of the world’s internet traffic.

Every Drupal hosting plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and is fully guaranteed by the owner himself.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET Speed Test

UKWindowsHostASP speed test

Regarding pricing, Hostgator is certainly competitive. While they offer plans starting at £3 a month, considering it only allows five domains it’s really not doable for the majority of webmasters.

The £5.5 domain jumps drastically up and allows 50 domains so it will fulfill most casual webmastering needs, and all of them allow unlimited FTP accounts, so you won’t be constrained at any price.

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