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About Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 is a rich, integrated development environment for creating stunning applications for Windows, Android, and iOS, as well as modern web applications and cloud services. Now it’s easy to share, reuse, build, deploy, and debug all but the most platform-specific code across multiple app platforms, all within a single solution in Visual Studio.


Visual Studio now supports development of cross-platform C++ libraries that run on iOS and Android (KitKat and Lollipop). Apps built in Visual Studio can run natively on both platforms, though you’ll need a Mac to build iOS code. You don’t need to use Microsoft’s own compiler because Visual Studio now also supports the popular, open Clang and LLVM compilers, as well as GCC. Adding the third-party Xamarin tools to Visual Studio gives you support for more devices, including the Apple Watch.

Bundled templates simplify building cross-platform apps, and code can be used in Xamarin apps. Perhaps more usefully, Microsoft provides a set of Android emulators, so you can debug code without leaving Visual Studio. It’s worth taking advantage of Visual Studio’s NuGet tooling to download additional tooling for your apps, including Ionic templates for use with Cordova.

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It can become a daunting task for you to make a firm decision as there are a number of Visual Studio hosting companies available in the online world, each of which have their own services and discounts to offer. If you are planning on electing for a good Visual Studio 2015 hosting package, you will need to keep in mind a few technicalities so that you can make a firm decision.

While opting for any hosting service, always ensure that they offer good customer support. This will allow you to contact them easily whenever their servers go down. Also you should ensure that the hosting servers offer at least a 99% uptime guarantee. In order to pick the trusted company one can directly redirect to and experience the best Visual Studio 2015 hosting services without compromising.

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