Simple Steps to Solve add_panel() error in WordPress Theme Customizer

WordPress theme customizer is definitely an great function that makes it incredibly personalized your blog as example is by editing widgets, transforming colors, typography and many more. However just as in another software package it could come about how the WordPress customizer just won’t do the job. However don’t be concerned, such troubles typically could be quickly solved.

What is the add_panel() error?

Throughout WordPress 4.0 there have been added a few wonderful improvements in customizer. As example is WordPress has launched “Panels” to create it easy for theme developers to add custom panels to the WordPress customizer to get a separate panel for theme options:

Simple Steps to Solve add_panel() error in WordPress Theme Customizer

However for anyone who is running an outdated type of WordPress (before 4.0) and have set up a theme which includes added panels to the customizer, you will have a problem mainly because your old type of WordPress doesn’t find out about this new feature, which will result in an error, usually a new blank screen in the customizer. There are many the reason why the customizer in WordPress could show a new blank web site, so in order to verify exactly what the problem is, you can change your WordPress installment to debug mode of course, if the problems relevant to the panel, an individual usually will see an error like this for example:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Customize_Manager::add_panel() in /home/example/public_html/ on line 19

NOTE: You need to remember to disable debug mode after you have tested the matter because in any other case there’s a excellent opportunity that mistakes or notice may also show up on the front end of your site. Normally it’s advised to not enable debug mode on a live site, although to accomplish this using a test site instead.

Simple Steps to Solve add_panel() error

As the problem is due to the old WordPress installation, certainly one and only thing you’ll need to do to solve the add_panel() error, would be to upgrade WordPress to the latest version. That commonly can be achieved with a several clicks in your WordPress dashboard. When you have kept up to date WordPress, the customizer will continue to work as expected. Although if you happen to still have difficulty with the customizer inside WordPress after updating to the latest version of WordPress, you must read more this article

What if the Theme Customizer is loading without styling

Throughout quite rare cases it will be possible which the live preview of the theme customizer loads with no CSS styling which you should only see blank along with ugly HTML result. It’s tough to say what could potentially cause this problem and it may need a number of troubleshooting on your site. However should you can’t obtain the problem and they are determined, you could attempt to add the code snippet below on the file wp-config.php of your WordPress installation and it might resolve the problem:

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);

I’ve tried everything and theme customizer still does not work!

If you can not find the problem in your site, have checked all plugins, WordPress has been reinstalled and / or your WordPress theme and do not know what else could be causing your problem, you can try to add the following code snippet to the file functions.php in your theme and see if that helps:

remove_action('shutdown', 'wp_ob_end_flush_all', 1);

I hope this article will help you to solve add_panel() error in WordPress Theme Customizer. Please rate and share this article if you feel benefits after read this article.

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