Never Go with FREE ASP.NET Hosting! Why?

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There are a lot of different ways that you can host your ASP.NET website. You may even find yourself cycling through all the cheap and free ASP.NET hosting solutions that abound today. There’s nothing wrong with paying less for a good hosting account, but if you’re hitting rock bottom prices and you start to read through the offerings, you may find that there’s something awry. Get past the clever marketing speech and get real, because you will find that a lot of companies today do not have your best interest. You’ll find this to be absolutely true when you start to focus on the different issues that come with free  ASP.NET web hosting. You may not agree at first glance, but you will definitely figure this to be true when you start to break down some of the following issues tied to free ASP.NET web hosting.

The Server Load

Nearly all major free ASP.NET web hosting companies are doing what is known as shared hosting. That means that they set up a server and then onboard as many customers as they can physically get on there. The average server can have thousands upon thousands of sites, but if they are giving away storage, and aren’t careful, some of those sites can get very popular. When any given site gets more popular than the server load, you’ll find that your site gets punished. When a server crashes from the weight of data transfer, you will find your page loads slower, and disappears from the web altogether.

The Inaccurate Metrics

Another move that a lot of companies pull is in regards to analytics. They will tell you that they have in-house analytics programs and when you look at the numbers, you’ll see a completely different story than you would find within Google’s analytics program. There is a huge amount of inaccurate data rolling around through the free ASP.NET web hosting world and it’s going to cause you to have conjecture in regards to your website. This is not a good thing and should be something that you are roped into purchasing at all.

Cheap Tools

Not all tools for web development are worth chasing. You will find that you can end up getting the short end of the stick here. Don’t go for free ASP.NET web hosting that promises you hundreds of “tools” and don’t list what they are. If you sign up with a low cost option and the tool set that is found within their backend are terrible, or things that you’ve never heard of, you have been had. Don’t give money away to pages that aren’t going to give you the benefit of the doubt, go for something more prominent.

Terrible Support

It happens all the time, your free ASP.NET web hostingaccount seems to have gone down, your site is gone, and you can’t find your password or any number of issues. If you fall flat when you’re working on your page and you find that you need help, calling the tech support line at one of these companies will cause you a great deal of distress. The reason why many companies are really inexpensive to work with is because there is no tech support, and if there is one, it’s full of entry level hacks. This is not a good thing, and you’ll realize that when you need help. Getting an answer like, “did you try turning it off and on again”, is a stupid solution to real world hosting problems. Don’t go with free ASP.NET web hosting, unless they have a good support team in place.


It will better if you paying less for a good hosting account. Your website will not be useful if your web frequently down. You canfind hosting recommendations on our blog.

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