Make Your Site Online in Few Minutes While Change Server

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Hmmm… We want to share little trick how to make your site online in few minutes if your server goes down. Don’t tell anyone about this trick.. haha… Just kidding.
When you migrate your site from one hosting provider to other hosting provider, then your site will down for 24 hours for DNS propagation. Is that right? Yes, this is absolutely right and this is something that we cant speed up. When we change DNS server, then it must be take 24-48 hours for DNS propagation. So, in this article we will share trick how to switch the server in few minutes!
What you need to make sure that you setup your site on CloudFlare. This is the trick!! And you need to make sure that you have full backup on your site. But, make sure you backup your site with plugin like BackUpBuddy to send it directly to Dropbox.
So we assume that you have done that above steps, so what you need to do if your site goes down?1. You can find hosting provider that use Cpanel or Plesk Panel. With Cpanel or Plesk panel, you can do full backup via their Control Panel. For Windows, we would recommend Plesk panel, for Linux hosting, you can use Cpanel. For hosting provider that use Plesk Panel, we would recommend you to use Please make sure you don’t change name server first. You need to point your domain to CloudFlare.

3. Log in to CloudFlare, go to the DNS settings, and change the IP addresses to your new server. Then, please use the A record that given from your hosting provider. Please see below:

Once you change all the IP’s your domain should be pointing at your new server within minutes. This is fast because you are not changing your nameservers, just an internal setting at CloudFlare that directs the route of the traffic. We hope this tutorial is useful.

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