Best ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting | ASPHostPortal vs Catalyst2

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windowshostasp-postASP.NET, or Active Server Pages.NET was developed by Microsoft and is used in the creation of webpages and web-based technologies that are beyond the scope of Dot Net. As a member of the same development community, this is a very valuable tool for programmers and developers alike since it allows the creation of rich web applications and dynamic websites using such compiled languages as Visual Basic and C#.

The ASP.NET server technology is regarded as an important contribution to the overall network development. Many popular websites use this development framework as the basis for their site design. and Catalyst2, Both providers are big, famous, and best Windows ASP.NET hosting company and have thousand customers in the world. Today, we will discuss their service quality to give you consideration in choosing best ASP.NET hosting provider. We compare them based on their speed, features, and price.

Best ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting | Speed Comparison

A website that loads faster is often considered good for more visits and hence, improved search engine rankings. More so, the site’s performance depends too much on its speed.

The speed must be checked regularly to give it a touch of enhanced performance and usability. It’s important to test the speed and hence, free tools must be used for the purpose.

To present accurate result for and Catalyst2 speed, we have measured them with ultratools website. They present powerful tool that can test your hosting provider speed. Based on this tool, We have conclude that is faster than Catalyst2. Speed Test


Catalyst2 Speed Test



Best ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting | Price Comparison

Like in any other business, web hosting industry also has a small number of scamsters who want your business at any cost. They believe that they can sell you anything at any price “from Eiffel tower to the Kitchen sink”. Some of these will give you web hosting prices that are much higher simply because they think that they can convince you to pay more.

Others will offer the world for very-little and hope that you will be satisfied with whatever they dish out. However, a majority of web hosting providers may have genuine reasons for higher / lower web hosting prices.

To make easy your duty in choosing best ASP.NET hosting plan that suit with your budget, the following are the hosting plan of ASPHostPortal and Catalyst2 that you can compare. Hosting Plan

ahp-windows-shared-plan offers a variety of cheap and affordable Windows ASP.NET Shared Hosting Plans to fit any need. They have 4 plans named Host Intro, Host One, Host Two, and Host Three. Their price starts from $1 – $14 per month. It included with the new ASP.NET features and 99.99% uptime and 30 days money back guarantee.

Catalyst2 Hosting Plan



While Catalyst2 offers user friendly Windows web hosting. They have 5 plans named Mega Deal, Mega Plus, Power, Power Plus, Power Extra. Their price starts from £2.99 – £12.99 per month. It included with latest ASP.NET features with 30 days money back guarantee and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Best ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting | Features Comparison

With many different possibilities of web hosting companies on the internet, which one should you choose? The best way to choose is to analyze what type of features and services they offer. Knowing what some of these features and services are will help you narrow down your decision.

To help you find the best feature that suit with your budget, we have gathered main important features from ASPHostPortal and Catalyst2 website. The following are the comparison features table of and Catalyst2.

All Version
All Version
Hosted Domain
Unlimited Website
2 db
MySQL Space
3 db
Dual Quad-core
16 GB
Control Panel

Best ASP.NET Core 1.0 Hosting | Summary

With above information, you can conclude by yourself which ASP.NET provider that give better services and meet with your requirements. We don’t want to judge you must choose one provider, we just give you consideration to avoid you select wrong provider. The decision back to you.

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