Best and Cheap Visual Studio Hosting | Visual Studio with ReSharper is freezing and/or crashing

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Best and Cheap Visual Studio Hosting Recommendation | Visual Studio with ReSharper is freezing and/or crashing

Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) through Microsoft. It really is used to develop computer applications for ‘microsoft’ Windows, together with web web-sites, web applications and world wide web services. Now, we will discuss about “Visual Studio with ReSharper is freezing and/or crashing”. Read this carefully.

Given that ReSharper is usually adding within just Visible Studio profoundly, there are several scenarios, a few distinct options, alternatives or perhaps use cases, which usually may result in freeze or perhaps accident involving Visible Studio having ReSharper. This article books as a result of troubleshooting measures in order to repair or perhaps avoid the accident, or perhaps no less than decide the reason the challenge.

There are numerous varieties of VS failures:
=> Unhandled exception, like ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’.
=> Microsoft Visual Studio has encountered a problem and needs to close.
=> Microsoft Visual Studio (Not Responding) ‘white screen’ freeze.
=> Silent crash. In case of silent crash, VS does not show any error messages, warning windows, etc.

Regardless of these types of three instances are different, below are a few frequent actions in order to troubleshoot the collision:

    1. Hardware and OS Configuration

>> VS can crash because of the PC hardware and OS – for example, System. OutOfMemoryException may be found on Or windows 7 32-bit environment with minimal RAM volume. In most cases it are not avoided, so please make sure that you’re utilizing a modern OS with 64-bit architecture – such as Windows 7 x64 or perhaps Windows 8 x64.

>> When it comes to ‘System. OutOfMemoryException’, there are several workarounds, which can possibly help to cope with it. You’re welcome to test out the answer described on this page.

    1. VS configuration

>> ReSharper may well conflict with all the other Graphic Studio addins in addition to extensions, so it is a pleasant idea for you to launch Graphic Studio throughout safe mode to show off most installed extension cords and short-term disable/uninstall them one-by-one. This may allow to check on whether could possibly conflict among different extension cords, which can make VS for you to crash.

>> If your crash comes about on COMPARED TO startup having direct alternative opening, seek to launch COMPARED TO itself (e. g., just click on the VS pc shortcut to start out the Visible Studio, not a *. sln file with the solution you might be working with).

>> From time to time, Visual Studio room and/or. NET Framework itself may be corrupted or perhaps damaged, so introducing the ‘Repair’ steps on Aesthetic Studio installing (via ‘Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs’) might help in such cases.

    1. Solution configuration

>> To make sure that the crash is solution-specific, please try and create new solution (like, C# Console Application) and check if the crash remains present.

>> In the event the crash seems to be a solution-specific event, please try to remove ReSharper caches and *. suo file as defined here and check if it assists to resolve the situation.

Best and Cheap Visual Studio Hosting Recommendation

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