WordPress Vs Umbraco | which is the best CMS ?

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WordPress Review

wpWordPress has developed into one of the most robust and customizable website development platforms on the Internet today and only continues to grow. As a free, open-source platform, it offers thousands of options for expansion and customization, whether through themes and plug-ins or custom code.

The interface is easy to understand, you won’t need a book for it, although buying a “WordPress for Dummies” – book will save you some time if you have no experience with blog management at all. Adapting the look requires some knowledge of CSS, the style sheet language.

WordPress.com gives you the most control of any free blogging platform that have seen. The learning curve is manageable, although it does require some time, but in use, some peoples were actually excited to get over the hump. Many people wanted to learn more. I stayed up late into the night playing with designs and adjusting settings. The more used WordPress, the more you wanted to use WordPress.

Umbraco Review

umbUmbraco is a fully-featured open source content management system with the flexibility to run anything from small campaign or brochure sites right through to complex applications for Fortune 500’s and some of the largest media sites in the world and that it’s free.

Umbraco is developed on ASP.NET platform, which is popular among professional programmers and is one of the most frequently used in the Internet along with JSP and PHP. Such notions as themes and skins, that to a much extent limit web-developers possibilities, are not basic here. Everything a developer can do with ASP.NET master-pages tools, HTML, CSS is available in Umbraco development.

Umbraco is a solid platform for delivering medium-scale websites that require more than just a single content placeholder within the templates. Its template building system using XML and configuration files allows detailed layouts to be created and used by content administrators. Its .NET backings means that web-service integration can be achieved with ease and used to populate content items within the platform.


wp vs umb

WordPress is more suitable for a cheap cost effective solution for smaller sites, but it can become overwhelming and cumbersome on larger website structures. It’s a great solution for blogs and small websites with limited content. There are security issues with WordPress templates and plugins that you will need to manage and keep on top of but that’s the price you pay for the quick cost effective solution. If you want a professional looking site that can adapt around your website as it evolves over time and your business needs then you should be looking at Umbraco. Remember you should be the driving force behind your design and development, not you’re CMS. Umbraco is the CMS that gives you the creative freedom for your website to be successful and everything you want it to be.

Best Windows Hosting for WordPress and Umbraco

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