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ASP.NET Core 1.1 Hosting

Stephanie Ly (internet marketer) said, Choosing the right ASP.NET Core 1.1 hosting service and plan for your ASP.NET Core 1.1 website is not an easy job. There are hundreds if not thousands of ASP.NET Core 1.1 hosting service providers available on the Internet.


This has one advantage; it gives you great prices as the hosts compete against each other to earn your business. However it also has one disadvantage, time consuming and confusing, more web hosts means more research for you and more information to absorb before you can decide on the ASP.NET Core 1.1 hosting company you like.

[su_note note_color=”#42bfea” text_color=”#ffffff”]ASPHostPortal is one of the world’s largest domain registrar and ASP.NET Core 1.1 hosting provider, servicing over thousands domain names to date.[/su_note]

ASPHostPortal – Cheap and Reliable ASP.NET Core 1.1 Hosting


ASPHostPortal offers a huge variety of hosting features and services. The basic ASP.NET Core 1.1 hosting plan they call Host One comes with 5GB of storage, unlimited domain and 200 MB email space at a decent price of $5 monthly.

This plan is ideal for those who do not need a lot of disc-space. On the other hand, the Host Two plan provides 15GB disc-space, unlimited domain and 500MB email space with a few more bucks on each month.

ASPHostPortal makes it easy for customers to contact them at times they need help. Being a large company, they introduced several venues on where customers can get timely support.

Customers can send email or create a trouble ticket to ask assistance. There are several online resources available as well, such as support articles, FAQ section and a number of online forums.

[su_box title=”ASP.NET Core 1.1 Complete Solution” box_color=”#e9e9e9″ title_color=”#535353″]Choosing the tight ASP.NET Core 1.1 hosting company in terms of reliability and standard of service is crucial to ensure the smooth running of your ASP.NET Core 1.1 website or blog.[/su_box]

ASPHostPortal – Best ASP.NET Core 1.1 Hosting

Hosting thousands of domains, there’s nothing less to expect from a provider like ASPHostPortal. They support 24/7/365 in-house monitoring of their network to ensure that all ASP.NET Core 1.1 websites are safe and full powered.

Up-time guarantee of 99.9%, day and night, is maintained through very high-end facilities. Very promising to hear but some may have troubles setting up ASPHostPortal web mails and databases.

Websites can take longer to load than normal perhaps due to massively oversell shared hosting and; some web manager options do not work because of overly stuffed control panel.

[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Complete Features”]All packages include unique features such as the ability to easily install popular CMS platforms. The best part is that you have a choice to select from Windows or Linux hosting on all hosting plans including shared packages.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”High Quality ASP.NET Core 1.1 Hosting”]It is one of the biggest companies in the world and has high quality customer support services. Unfortunately the server speed wasn’t what I was really expecting. ASPHostPortal is a reliable company for your entire hosting needs.[/su_tab] [/su_tabs]

Powerful ASP.NET Core 1.1 Hosting

Finally, the long awaited release of ASP.NET Core 1.1, ASPHostPortal are happy to announce the availability of the .NET Core 1.1 for all our hosting packages. It is a highly compatible, in-place update to the .NET Framework 4, 4.5, 4.6 and 5.

.NET Core 1.1 is a modular runtime and library implementation that includes a subset of the .NET Framework. Currently it is feature complete on Windows, and in-progress builds exist for both Linux and OS X.

.NET Core 1.1 consists of a set of libraries, called “CoreFX”, and a small, optimized runtime, called “CoreCLR”. .NET Core 1.1 is open-source. ASP.NET Core 1.1, with the help of Visual Studio 2015, lets you create modern web applications.

Modern web applications not only target all devices, including PCs, Macs, Tablets and smartphones, but also work with any browser or operating system.

ASPHostPortal is the leading provider of Windows hosting and affordable ASP.NET Core 1.1 Hosting. What makes the premier place to hosting ASP.NET Core 1.1? Here are the reasons why they are the best:


[su_spoiler title=”Best Programming Support”] hosting servers come ready with the latest ASP.NET Core 1.1 version. You can get access directly to your MSSQL from their world class Plesk Control Panel.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Best and Friendly Support”]Their customer support will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to assist you.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Easy to Use Tools”] use World Class Plesk Control Panel that help you with single-click ASP.NET Core 1.1 installation.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Best Server Technology”]The minimal specs of their servers includes Intel Xeon Dual Core Processor, RAID-10 protected hard disk space with minimum 8 GB RAM. You dont need to worry about the speed of your site.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Uptime & Support Guarantees”]They are so confident in their hosting services they will not only provide you with a 30 days money back guarantee, but also give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee.[/su_spoiler]



ASPHostPortal is a great Windows ASP.NET Core 1.1 hosting provider who offers ASP.NET Core 1.1 hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and affordability. Because of that, ASPHostPortal is highly recommended by us. No matter people this includes individuals, businesses in the small business or even they could always find the appropriate ASP.NET Core 1.1 solutions at ASPHostPortal host.

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