100% Guaranteed Uptime Hosting, True or False?


The world of web hosting can be difficult to grasp. There are so many things to consider when choosing a server that you may feel overwhelmed or lost. There are many, many options out there on the market today, making your decision that much harder to make. Choosing the right server is one of the important decisions you need to make when you wish to create a website. One of the most important aspects of a web host or server is its hosting uptime.

Hosting uptime, to state it briefly, is the amount of time that a server is online and running. This is important to you because if you have a website, you want to ensure that your website is available to the public at all times; however, there is no such thing as 100% guaranteed uptime running. If a company or serve claims that there hosting uptime percentage is 100, you need to look the other way. There is no such thing as 100% uptime. To understand that concept, you need to understand the three types of downtime.

The first type of downtime is called planned downtime. This downtime is, in fact, planned. Web hosts and servers use planned downtime to upgrade, reboot and so on. This type of downtime, while it may seem like a negative aspect, is actually good for you and the server or web host in the future. Web hosts and servers will generally let you know when this is occurring so you can expect your site to be down for a certain amount of time. This downtime is to be expected.

Somewhat planned downtime refers to servers fixing a bug in the system or errors and taking care of problems. Most of the time servers or web hosts will let you know about the issue and how long the server is to be expected to be offline. This kind of downtime is to be expected as well.

The last type of downtime is negative. It is referred to as unplanned downtime. Servers with a lot of unplanned downtime are servers and webhosts that you want to avoid. A server with a lot of unexpected downtime can be a disaster for you and seriously harm your business. Usually individuals who go to a site that is not currently running automatically assume the business no longer exists and that potential customer will be forever lost.

You will want to do plenty of research to ensure that the servers or web hosts you are considering have positive hosting uptime percentages. While some downtime is expected, a server with too much downtime is a red flag. Web hosts and servers should have a hosting uptime percentage of 99.9. This number is important. Remember that there is no such thing as 100 percent hosting uptime. A server is lying to you if they claim this percentage.

Ultimately, if you want to ensure the success of your site, you need to start by finding a reliable server with good hosting uptime.