Cheap Visual Studio 2017 Hosting in Europe

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Choosing Visual Studio 2017 Hosting in Europe

As an online business, in the event that you are thinking about the choice of running with Visual Studio 2017 hosting, or on the off chance that you will pick a Visual Studio 2017 hosting business to take every necessary step for your website, setting aside the opportunity to look at the Visual Studio 2017 hosts, what they offer, and what you will be paying for, are all components to remember when choosing the most solid Visual Studio 2017 host and the price bundle to go for.


A portion of the standard services offered will incorporate domain enrollment, email hosting, dedicated server space furthermore cloud hosting. European Visual Studio 2017 hosting is a great choice for people who would like to launch a Visual Studio 2017 website in Europe with a less heavy traffic and the support from hosting is very good. – Best Visual Studio 2017 Hosting in Europe is one of the most premiere Visual Studio 2017 hosting companies and is a popular choice the world over.

The company has the cutting edge technology and provides a Visual Studio 2017 hosting solution for all your needs.

Whether you have a small website up for free hosting or a big website to manage your business with thousands of views daily, can handle it all.

It is one of the most reliable Visual Studio 2017 Hosts with efficient functioning without any fear of a crash or a server failure. The company handles many high profile corporate clients and hence its reputation is beyond doubt.

Visual Studio 2017 Complete Solution
In terms of the ease to use of the services provided by, the scoring would be high because there would be guides for users to follow whenever they have a problem with the use of the service.

Cheap and Reliable Visual Studio 2017 Hosting in Europe Hosting is the first host to offer its customer all the new features of the Visual Studio 2017 Hosting. You can simply deploy your Visual Studio 2017 website via their world-class Control Panel or conventional FTP tool. This Visual Studio 2017 Hosting is part of the service and it is provided free of charge.


You will get above average results at a fair price with They don’t have any marketing campaigns. You should contact if you want to run more intensive Windows server side websites.

24/7-based Support
They never fall asleep and they run a service that is operating 24/7 a year. Even everyone is on holiday during Easter or Christmas/New Year, they are always behind their desk serving their customers.

Excellent Uptime Rate
Their key strength in delivering the service to you is to maintain their server uptime rate. They never ever happy to see your site goes down and they truly understand that it will hurt your onlines business.

High Performance and Reliable Server
They never ever overload their server with tons of clients. They always load balance their server to make sure they can deliver an excellent service, coupling with the high performance and reliable server.

Experts in Web Hosting
Given the scale of their environment, thery have recruited and developed some of the best talent in the hosting technology that you are using.

Daily Backup Service
They realise that your website is very important to your business and hence, they never ever forget to create a daily backup. Your database and website are backup every night into a permanent remote tape drive.

Easy Site Administration
With their powerful control panel, you can always administer most of your site features easily without even needing to contact for their Support Team.

About Visual Studio 2017 Hosting

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows, as well as web sites, web applications and web services.

Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. It can produce both native code and managed code.

Microsoft announced the availability of Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate a few weeks ago at Connect(); 2016. Today they are sharing an update to this RC release which includes bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Summary of RC and RC Refresh

  • New Installation Experience – A reduced minimum footprint for faster and more customizable installation, and support for offline installs.
  • Visual Studio IDE – A broad range of enhancements are included in Visual Studio 2017 RC.
  • Debugging and Diagnostics – Overhaul of the Exception Helper and faster code navigation with Run to Click.
  • Plus, a new summary of your application events in the Diagnostic Tools window, and several improvements to the CPU Tool.
  • .NET Core and Docker(Preview) – An early preview of the future .NET Core tooling is available as a workload under “.NET Core and Docker Tools (Preview)” in the new installer.
  • Xamarin (Preview) – Xamarin 4.3 adds support for tvOS, and improves the iOS Assets Catalog support, the XML editing experience.
  • Team Explorer – The process for connecting to projects and cloning repos in VSTS has been personalized and streamlined. You no longer need to connect to a project before cloning repos.
  • Visual C++ – More than 250 bugs and reported issues have been fixed in the compiler and tools.
  • C# and Visual Basic – New refactorings to allow you to organize source code with one action.
  • F# – Support for F# 4.1 language features, improvements to the F# compiler and FSharp.Core, and a new editor based on Roslyn Workspaces.
  • Python – Many bug fixes and improvements, including more reliable Azure App Service and Cloud Service publishing.
  • R – Reliability and stability improvements. Find R language support in the Data Science workload.
  • JavaScript and TypeScript – TypeScript 2.1 RC is available for all TypeScript projects in Visual Studio. A new
  • JavaScript language service is available and enabled by default.
  • Live Architecture Dependency Validation – Real-time notifications of dependency validation diagrams (aka Layer diagrams).
  • Live Unit Testing – Visualize unit testing results and code coverage live on the editor.
  • Developer Command Prompt – Refactored scripts to support the new installation experience.
  • Tools for XAML Apps – The XAML runtime toolbar now lets you track focus. XAML productivity has been improved with XAML Edit & Continue, XAML Editor improvements, and performance optimizations.
  • Tools for Universal Windows App Development – This release includes updates to the .NET Native toolchain, .NET Core NuGet framework, new productivity tools, and preview support for the upcoming Windows 10 “Creators Update” SDK.
  • Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova – A new browser-based simulator enables you to code fast and see the results immediately.
  • NuGet – NuGet 4.0 RC is focused on adding support for .NET Core scenarios including PackageReference in project files, NuGet restore and pack as MSBuild targets, background package restore, and quality and other performance improvements.
  • Developer Analytics Tools – Includes Developer Analytics Tools v8.3 with many improvements.
  • SQL Server Data Tools – The latest update of SQL Server Data Tools has been included and enables support for the latest features in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2016.
  • Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio – Includes Office Developer Tools with the latest features and updates.
  • Visual Studio Software Development Kit – There is a breaking change with how Visual Studio consumes project and item templates in order to improve performance of template discovery.
  • Azure SDK for .NET – The Azure SDK for .NET for Visual Studio is now available from the new Visual Studio installer.
  • Node.js Tools for Visual Studio – This release focuses on stability, performance, and overall product quality.
  • Visual Studio Tools for Unity – Visual Studio Tools for Unity 3 Preview is now available with the “Game Development with Unity” workload from the new Visual Studio installer.
  • Enhanced Visual Studio Feedback Workflow – More collaborative Report-A-Problem – search, follow, and vote to get latest updates on all feedback.

Conclusion is a great Windows ASP.NET hosting provider who offers Visual Studio 2017 hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and affordability. Because of that, is highly recommended by us. No matter people this includes individuals, businesses in the small business or even they could always find the appropriate Visual Studio 2017 solutions at host.

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