Best FREE Windows ASP.NET Hosting

Before you choose Best FREE Windows ASP.NET Hosting company, you should know their main types. You also should know what functions of hosting you will need.

freeAs a rule, this choice depends on the programming languages which hosting can support. For example, if you use PHP, Perl or MySQL on the site, you will prefer a Linux server. But if you are going to use ASP, you’d better choose Windows hosting. Then, Windows-hosting is good if you use Windows oriented technologies such as Visual Basic.

Actually Windows platform is a choice of people who can be divided into two major groups: those who understand nothing in hosting and think that Windows platform will be easier for their understanding, and those who, on the contrary, knows that they need Windows hosting exactly. The following are Best FREE Windows ASP.NET Hosting provider :


Best FREE Windows ASP.NET Hosting


PlanFREE Windows Cloud HostingFREE ASP.NET HostingFREE ASP.NET Shared HostingFREE Windows ASP.NET Hosting
Average Reviewrate5rate48rate45rate45





Basic FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEDiscountServiceUKWindowsHostASP
Disk Space2 GBUnlimited2 GB1 GB
Bandwidth20 GBUnlimited20 GB20 GB
Websites on AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited1
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SmarterMail SupportYesYesYesYes
Email Space100 MB200 MB200 MB500 MB
ASP.NET FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEDiscountServiceUKWindowsHostASP
Windows2012 R22012 R22012 R22012 R2
Trust LevelFullFullFullFull
Application PoolDedicatedDedicatedDedicatedDedicated
ASP.NETLatest VersionLatest VersionLatest VersionLatest Version
ASP.NET MVCLatest VersionLatest VersionLatest VersionLatest Version
MSSQL50 MB50 MB100 MB-
MySQL100 MB100 MB100 MB100 MB
Control PanelPleskPleskPleskPlesk
WCF ServicesYesYesYesYes
Web MatrixYesYesYesYes
Web DeployYesYesYesYes
URL RewriteYesYesYesYes
Advanced FeaturesASPHostPortalHostForLIFEDiscountServiceUKWindowsHostASP
SSL SupportYesYesYesYes
Site BackupsDailyDailyDailyDaily
Instant ActivationYesYesYesYes
Hosting UpgradeYesYesYesYes
Customer Support24/7/36524/7/36524/7/36524/7/365
My ReviewASPHostPortalHostForLIFEDiscountServiceUKWindowsHostASP
Server Speedrate5rate48rate48rate48
Customer Supportrate5rate5rate45rate45
Average Reviewrate5rate48rate45rate45


Why They are The Best FREE Windows ASP.NET Hosting

windowshostingUsing windows web hosting will definitely give you a lot of benefits and its features will definitely make your website run at its best. And since windows hosting is made by Microsoft, you will be able to use it with other Microsoft applications like Windows streaming, MS-Access, FrontPage and many more.

Because of this, it is very easy to link the other windows applications to the windows host. In this way, web owners will be able to maximize the total look of their websites by incorporating different applications. And since its platform is compatible with ASP, then SQL database can also be incorporated.

To help our readers find the best Windows hosting provider at a reasonable price, our editorials team reviewed more than 50+ Windows hosting companies based on the factors below :

  • Microsoft Best Partner Awards
  • Latest Versions of Applications Features
  • Customers Satisfaction
  • Page loading speed
  • 24/7/365 friendly support
  • Company Reputation
  • Affordable price


How to Choose Best FREE Windows ASP.NET Hosting

freeeThere are some important points to consider on how to choose Best FREE Windows ASP.NET hosting. It will not be an easy task but if you will be aware of the important features you should take note of, the task will be less difficult. There are many points you should look into but for starters, here are there are:.

1. In which geographic location will your website be hosted?

If the web host is based in the US, as many are, then your website will take much longer to load for your Australian visitors. In addition, search engines sometimes use the location of the web host to make presumptions about the location of the business behind the website.

2. How and when can you contact technical support?

Find out at what times technical support is available. If you only work 9–5, then business hours support is probably adequate. But if something goes wrong, day or night, you want to be able to contact the web host to know that a problem is being resolved; particularly if your website is a 24-hour sales tool. For this reason, 24x7x365 technical support can be a good selling point.

3. What backup strategies are in place?

Depending on how much you are paying for the service, the web host will have one or more backup strategies to deal with faults. To get an idea of the extent to which the web host has planned for unexpected events, try these questions:

If the server on which my website is hosted goes down and can’t be recovered, is there a backup of my account that you would recover from?
If the entire datacentre is destroyed, is there a backup of my account somewhere else?
If a malicious person breaches the server’s security and deletes my account, could they also delete the backups?
If you perform your own regular backups of your website — which you should — then you may be comfortable with limited backup strategies employed by your web host. But if you don’t trust your own policies to do those backups regularly, knowing that your web host has an effective strategy in place is reassuring.

4. How fast do the websites load?

There is no technical limit to how many websites a web host can squeeze on to a single server. But the more activity, the slower the server becomes, affecting the load speed of all websites hosted on it.

Therefore, this becomes a cost driver for the web host, and they must make an active decision regarding how much they are prepared to fill up each of their servers with respect to performance.

As a rule, the less you pay for your web hosting service, the more crowded that server is going to be, and the slower your website will respond.

Ask the web host for a list of clients so you can visit their websites and get a feel for how quickly they load (but bear in mind that other factors, such as the complexity of the website, will influence this.)

5. What redundancy does the web host have in place for its hardware and network?

Ask the web host to describe the redundancy of its infrastructure.

Modern web hosts will often use some form of cluster that can survive hardware failures, rather than having discrete physical servers. If the web host talks about clusters or virtualisation, they have probably implementing hardware redundancy.

Typically, a web host will be connected to the internet through several providers. A well-designed network can survive one of these connections failing without disrupting the service.

6. Does your web developer endorse them?

The web developer may have a preferred web host, for which they receive some form of kickback — there’s nothing wrong with this arrangement, provided you do the due diligence on the company anyway.

The web developer may also offer their own web hosting services, either through a reseller arrangement, or their own server. Once again, perform the same due diligence — but this situation can work well if you have an excellent relationship with your web developer, as you can then have personalised, one-on-one support directly from your web developer.

7. How much does it cost?

Shared web hosting (the type where you share a server with other customers) can cost anything from $2 per month to $100 per month.

What you need to ask yourself is, what can a web host realistically offer for my money? If you are paying $2 per month for a web hosting account, can that company really afford to spend any time at all with you on the phone if you call for help? The answer is typically “no”.


Summary Best FREE Windows ASP.NET Hosting

Overall, windows hosting is a good service that you can use in order to maximize your website’s availability on the internet. In this way, you will not have any problems with down time plus the appeal is better because of its uniformity, functionality, and performance.

The Windows Hosting Providers list above is one of the internet’s premier web site hosting companies. They have affordable hosting packages for businesses and individuals, including packages that include Windows hosting. Find the right package for Windows hosting and set of features that fit your needs.