A2 Most Recommended ASP.NET Hosting Alternatives You Should Consider

A2 Most Recommended ASP.NET Hosting Alternatives You Should Consider

Among bunch of ASP.Net hosting providers, A2 ASP.NET hosting is one that comes to offer you several excellence. There have been many reviews about this web host and it likely becomes people’s choice. But, is A2 ASP.NET hosting a really good hosting partner? You are about to find the answer here as everything is going to be revealed.

It has been known that there is no such best web host, considering each website demands different needs. Keep scrolling and you will figure out some alternatives to A2 ASP.NET hosting in case it is not the one for you. There will be brief overview, features, and more about A2 ASP.NET hosting and its alternatives.

A2Hosting Overview

A2 ASP.NET is a web hosting partner that claims itself as a high performance platform. Being launched in 2003, A2 boasts ultra-reliable service with fast performance. Employing Turbo Servers, it offers you page load speed that is 20x faster than other hosts. According to several reviews, A2 ASP.NET comes with reliable customer service to ensure your server runs at its best.

This web hosting provider is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Nevertheless, the customers around the globe will get the best experience as A2 ASP.NET has data center in several locations which are Michigan, Amsterdam, and Singapore. 

A2 itself comes with several plans ranging from shared hosting, WordPress, VPS, Reseller and Dedicated hosting. It charges you starting from $4.90 per month with some features such as hosting 1 website, unlimited storage, free & easy site transfer as well as money back guarantee. 

Apart from the good things offered by A2 ASP.NET, the customers are recently mad with this hosting partner. The security that it boasts is breached, causing the company to recover. However, the greater effect is inevitable as malware spread over its Windows operation. To make long story short, A2 is down and causes severe problem to restore data.

The furious customers are unable to backup recent data, which causes great loss to them. The backup data being restored were less recent, causing the customers to lose their hard work for recent two months. In worst, A2 hosting mentioned on Twitter that most lost data cases were only a day or two. Yet many customers find their worthy data from two months ago were lost.

The problem, however, leads the customers to find alternatives to A2 ASP.NET hosting. Below, you are about to find 3 recommended ASP.NET hosting alternatives to A2. These hosting partners will relieve your broken heart after dissatisfaction you have received from A2.

ASP.NET Hosting Alternatives to A2Hosting

A2 hosting is down and forces its customers to find other alternatives that are worth their money. Do not let the security breach encountered by A2 disturbs your business and move on. There are few options if you want to quit with A2Hosting. Keep scrolling and you will find ASP.NET hosting alternatives below.

1. ASPHostPortal


ASPHostPortal is one of ASP.NET hosting partners that has been serving for more than 10 years. The provider is based in the US and received Microsoft No #1 Hosting Partner, supported by data center in 12 cities around the globe. There are some reasons why ASPHostPortal is a recommended alternative to A2 ASP.NET Hosting as follows:

  • High security standard

ASPHostPortal is a hosting partner that you can trust. They prioritize customer data that is important for costumer’s operation and value. This is the reason for ASPHostPortal to keep your data safe and private. Furthermore, ASPHostPortal provides high security standard including DDos mitigation, data encryption, and auditing standard. In case something happen with your data, support team is available on call 24/7.

  • More affordable

A2 charges starting from $4.90 per month. If you are a website owner on budget, ASPHostPortal is a great alternative to go since it costs starting from $0.99 per month. This quite large gap of pricing is a good reason to say goodbye to A2 right away.

  • Various plans

A2 provides limited packages, even though it already provides ASP.NET. However ASPHostPortal comes with more plan choices that allows you to choose according to your website. Each package consists of several tiers with different price and features. Therefore, ASPHostPortal offers you wide array of options for ASP.NET hosting plans.

2. HostForLIFE.eu

This ASP.NET hosting provider is a partner that has been established since 2008. Developed by experienced IT professionals, HostForLIFE.eu focuses on Windows. Until now, this web host serves no less than 150,000 websites through its facilities. What makes this web host a recommended alternative to A2 ASP.NET Hosting? Here are some features that will make up your mind.

  • Reliability

Having bad experience with A2 makes you more careful in choosing the right hosting partner for the website. HostForLIFE.eu gives you peace of mind since it offers top security. The web host also provides data security in many ways including data encryption, DDoS mitigation, and developed security protection. In brief, you can trust your data with HostForLIFE.eu

  • Powerful control panel

Compared to A2 hosting in which the company dominates web hosting scenario, particularly developmental capabilities, HostForLIFE.eu offers powerful control panel. The comprehensive control panel allows customers to direct control the account.

3. UKWindowsHostASP.NET

Another alternative for A2 web host is UKWindowsHostASP.NET. As one of best ASP.NET hosting partners in UK, this is quite affordable and becomes a hosting solution for any of you who needs awesome experience. There are some reasons why UKWindowsHostASP.NET a great alternative for the prone A2:

  • Added layers of security

UKWindowsHostASP.NET ensures the security of your data with added layers of security. This allows the company to reduce risk of security breach or malware spread with multiple layers. The built-in protection is all you need to protect your data and long term of hard work. 

  • Daily backup service

Many customers are complaining about data backup that is not update from A2. For ecommerce, it means a great loss for your business. UKWindowsHostASP.NET understands the importance of your data and comes with Daily Backup Service that allows you to create backup daily. By doing so, you will not lose any data because the website is backup every night into permanent drive. 

Final Verdict

We believe that A2Hosting is great ASP.NET hosting here, but since they grow so fast, they didn’t handle their management correctly. It is big loss for them and all clients are very panic right now and looking for their files.. So, this is final recap from us if you are looking for A2 ASP.NET hosting alternatives:

How Good ASPHostPortal on Providing ASP.NET Core Hosting? Let’s Check the Review

How Good ASPHostPortal on Providing ASP.NET Core Hosting? Let’s Check the Review

All the things nowadays couldn’t be separated from the internet using. From business till educational things, it needs an internet to support every activities on delivering or sending information and data. That’s could be a reason why does people today try to look for the great ASP.NET Core Hosting to support their website.

Moreover, try to find a good one with no much experiences can be really intimidating sometimes. Among so many core hosting offered in the tech market, people mostly interested to choose ASPHostPortal at the first time they made their website. Here, we’re going to give you asimple reviewabout ASPHostPortal, so it may ensure you to choose this hosting services between others.

How’s the Track-record of ASPHostPortal in ASP.NET Core Hosting Segment Actually?

Due to many hosting services available today, you may need to be more aware on deciding which hosting services that is proper to your needs. Not only the prices or customer rates, you need to compare between the advantages and disavantages of its product. Furthermore, it’s is really helpful to ease your way on choosing the hosting services by knowing the record of the company as well.

As long as ASPHostPortal was established in a last ten years, it has been giving much experiences to every users that has run this hosting service to supporting and building their websites. The servers have been established in around 12 headquarters across the world with providing and providing many features and plans on hosting services.

You may have known well how this hosting runs for. With the large number of ASP.NET users on the global, ASPHostPortal has caught this opportunity by providing the hosting service based on ASP.NET. Furthermore, the ‘ASP’ on the first name of the product explained that it’s technically formed to support Windows platform.

What’s Inside ASPHostPortal? Let’s See More Detail

We know that choosing a hosting service can’t be that as simple as grabbing some tech stuffs at the shop. We need to see deeper to get more detail and know what kind of cool things the hosting has provided. Oficially, ASPHostPortal have offered 4 types of hosting plans, i.e. Window Shared Hosting, Dedicated Windows Cloud Server, Windows Reseller Hosting, and Windows Cloud Hosting.

For the detail of features, price, and structucture, we’ll describe each type of the hosting plans down below.

1. Windows Shared Hosting


The first offering is coming from the Host Intro which provide you the one website hosting. It’s a good choice for those who need a hosting with only pay around US$ 0.99 per month (consists of 5 years plan) and US$ 1.99 in a year plan. 

The features include 1 GB of disk space and 10 GB Bandwith with another options you can also take, such as Host One, Host Two, and Host Three Plans.

2. Dedicated Windows Cloud Server


This hosting plans have several offerings you can choose. From Tier One to Tier Eight, you can take each plan that relate to your needs. Officially, the basic features provide 1vCPU with 1 GB of RAM and 30GB of disk space. It also has the bandwith that reach to 1000GB and has a speed rate up to 1000Mbps. 

Furthermore, there are also other features provided such as CPUs, RAM, bandwith, anstorage on higher tier plans with only around US$ 12.99 per month (3 years plan).

3. Windows Reseller Hosting

The cheapest oneis WindowsReseller 10 which prices around US$ 20.39 per month (5 years plan).It consists several features such as10 websites, 40 GB of SSD disk space, 200 GB of bandwidth, and 10 SQL Server DB. Moreover, it has four options that you can find from 10 to 40.Windows Cloud Hosting plans

4. Windows Cloud Hosting plans


This is the lowest version that only providing 1 website hosting with several features such as 1 GB of disk space, 10 GB of bandwidth, and Dedicated Application Pool. It only prices about USD 1.99 per month (for 5 years plan) and USD 2.99 per month (for 3 years plan).

There are several tiers you can find i.e. Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three. The higher tier plans you choose will provide more special features include unlimited browser hosting.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of ASPHostPortal?

It’s hard to find any perfect things in one hosting service, so you have to be more aware on deciding and choosing each of products or services that available on the market. Every ASP.NET Core hosting service has its own advantages and disadvantages while the good one is the service that proper to your needs and interest.

Check what we have found about the pros and cons of ASPHostPortal which based on comparing each aspect includes the price, speed, plans, limitation, and customer services, so here are the results.



A cheap ASP.NET Core hosting plan that has many features may become the biggest reason why do you have to take ASPHostPortal as your hosting service. With only USD 1.99 per month, you will find any features that help you increase the quality of your websites.

Furthermore, the company will give you a 30-day money back guarantee if there will bea problem on applying it. 


ASPHostPortal has been known as a ASP.NET Core hosting service that providing a short response time, which means it will make your website faster in loading. With less than 200ms response time on average, it’s a good choice to take on website establishing.

Customer Services

What’s the most needed thing while users find some obstacles on running their websites? The Customer services will be exactly taking a responsibility to solve this problem. Fortunately, ASPHostPortal provide a great 24/7 service for their customers.


The Plans

For those who may take ASPHostPortal services, it’s a bad news that this ASP.NET Core hosting service has a lack of a monthly hosting plan. Furthermore, for those who want to grab the cheapest monthly rates, they have to pay more on all the tiers they have provided. So for you that only shop in a budget, you need to think twice.


As good as the features of every ASP.NET Core hosting service has provided, there’s still any shortcoming we can find, includes limitations. What are limitations we’ve found on it? First, the Host Intro package does not enclose any e-mail service or SQL databases to make a contact. But it still can be found in higher tier options.

Though ASPHostPortal isn’t as perfect as many ASP.NET Core hosting with a high price and various features, we still can say that this hosting service is a good option and truly worth to choose. With some cheap plans and features, it brings new experience that simply can’t be missed over.