3 Major Mistakes When Choosing Domain Name

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About Domain Name

Every day thousands of websites are launched on the online world. And each of them is offered under a unique domain name. Statistics show that most of such sites are related to business.

To open a business is similar to build a house. Before you start building, of course you have to lay the firm foundation for it. Only that house will be safe, the storeys of which have been constructed on the quality foundation, won’t it? So, don’t forget that a good domain name is a high quality base, in other word a successful start-up for your business.


But in fact, not everybody take this moment into account. Some people consider that if a domain name they have chosen doesn’t fit their needs there won’t be any problem with buying another one. If you also think in the same way, you are mistaken. As firstly, visitors and clients remember your website under the domain name you have chosen first, and when you change it they can be confused. And secondly, there is no guarantee that for the second time you’ll be able to find the very domain name that you need for your business.

3 Major Mistakes When Choosing Domain Name

Because every day hundreds of domains are bought, sold and traded online. So, to choose the right domain name you should take the following tips into consideration:

A domain name should be simple and easily-remembered

It’s better to choose a short, simple name that is suitable for your company profile. But what can you do if all the optimum short domains are in use? No problem. In this case you can choose an easily-remembered word or word combination. In fact, not shortness, but simplicity and memorization are more important criteria to stamp your website’s address on the memory of the visitors and clients. The main thing is that it will be easily remembered. Short catchy words will do the trick.

Avoid hyphens, digits, etc. as possible as you can

Every company desires to make a deep impression as a professional business suite. From this point of view a domain name plays an important role. Because it introduces and represents your company profile everywhere on the online world, it must look professional. If you use hyphens, various digits or other signs in the name of website, you can even lose your potential clients because of impression they get at first sight. As most of them will consider that it’s not a serious and reputable company.

In other word, except letters, use various signs only when it’s just necessary, or you cannot find another alternative variant.

The domain name should correspond with the company profile

The third important criterion in choosing domain name is to take into account the features of the product or service you offer. The more the domain name fits your business profile, the more you have a chance to be popular to the online market.

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