, Your Best Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Solution

Pile of Windows dedicated hosting providers are available today. They boast different features, most of them offer cheap price and wide array of hosting plans. One of Windows Dedicated server hosting partners is that positions itself as a provider of affordable Windows dedicated server. Establishing data centers in some major cities, gets strong support to facilitate thousands of websites.

When it comes to choosing specific hosting partner, you must know the ins and outs of hosting provider. This is strongly related to the needs of each website, thus one provider might be good for your website but not for others. To get to know more about, keep scrolling and figure out more information about this provider. Overview

Beginning from the fact that each website needs to find the right windows dedicated server host, is created to meet your need. This hosting partner provides variety of hosting plans that allow its customer to opt for the most appropriate one for their websites. Supported by solid and expert team, it is not a surprise that becomes the most recommended Windows hosting partner in Europe.

The web host has a commitment to providing the best for your website, particularly in terms of stability and reliability. keeps updating the latest .NET framework and application to give the best experience for its users. The web host is supported by data centers in London, Amsterdam, Paris, and other big cities around the globe.

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Plans by

Among variety of plans provided by, Unbundled Windows Cloud Server Plans are available packages that you should not miss. It consists of eight distinct tiers with wide range of prices starting from €12.99 per month to 139.99.

These server plans are fit to any need. At the time you are interested to purchase Windows Dedicated Server from this web host, you should know the detail related to features and prices offered by Here are unbundled server plans to opt for:

1.      Unbundled Cloud Tier One

The lowest tier, or also known as Tier One, costs starting from €12.99 for 3 years payment. You are also allowed to purchase for 3 months and yet the price rises to €23.99. Being in the lowest level, it provides the least features even though the difference majorly comes from RAM and disk space. Offering data center in the US and Amsterdam, it will serve smooth experience for your website.

Tier One comes with some features including 1 GB RAM, 1000 GB bandwidth, and 30GB disk space. It also provides 24/7 RDP Access, 1 Gbps Port Speed, and Windows Server 2016/2019. When it comes to data protection, 24/7 Firewall is available.

2.      Unbundled Cloud Tier Two

Tier Two from is priced starting from €18.99 per month for 3 years payment. In a condition you want to purchase for one year, it costs €22.99 per month, or else it costs €34.99 for 3 months payment. The features are not significantly different than the previous tier.

Tier Two provides data center in Amsterdam and the United States. It also comes with 2GB RAM, 2000GB bandwidth, as well as 50 GB disk space. Other features such as 24/7 Firewall protection, RDP Access, and Port Speed are typically similar with Tier One.

3.      Unbundled Cloud Tier Three

Tier Three costs starting from €28.99 per month for 3 years payment, while it becomes €34.99 for 1 year and €52.99 for 3 months. When it comes to data center, it has similar data center in the US and Amsterdam just like the other two tiers.

How about the features? You will be able to enjoy 4 GB RAM along with 75 GB disk space and 2000 GB bandwidth. Unlike Tier One and Tier Two, this plan option offers 2 x vCPU cores for better hosting experience.

4.      Unbundled Cloud Tier Four

The best cheap Windows dedicated server Europe also provides Tier Four that costs you starting from €39.99 per month. It uses Windows Server 2016/2019 and other features such as 2 x vCPU cores, 100 GB disk space, 6 GB RAM, as well as 2000 GB bandwidth. It also provides 1 Gbps Port Speed and Firewall Protection for 24/7.

There is no significant difference with other server plans as it is also available in Amsterdam and the United States Data Center.

5.      Unbundled Cloud Tier Five

Another cheap package for Windows Cloud Server from is Tier Five. This charges you starting from €50.99 per month for 3 years payment. Meanwhile, it costs €61.99 for 1 year payment or €92.99 per month for 3 months payment. Considering the large gap, choosing the 3 years payment is more recommended.

What features are offered? In this tier, the web host provides 4 x vCPU cores combined with 150 GB disk space and 1 Gbps Port Speed. In addition, the server plan also offers 3000 GB bandwidth as well as 8 GB RAM. Firewall Protection and RDP Access are also available in this package.

6.      Unbundled Cloud Tier Six

In a condition your website is getting larger, you might need to consider higher tier that provides more generous RAM, bandwidth, and disk space. Tier Six costs you starting from €62.99 per month for 3 years payment, or €114.99 per month for 3 months payment.

The tier will be able to support your website with high traffic since it is equipped with 200 GB disk space, 12 GB RAM, and 5000 GB bandwidth. It is also supported by 4 x vCPU cores for better performance.

7.      Unbundled Cloud Tier Seven

The higher traffic, the higher tier you will need. offers Unbundled Cloud Tier Seven for your Windows ASP.NET. The tier charges starting from €89.99 per month, which is available for 3 years payment. In case you want a short try, 3 months payment is available that costs you 162.99 per month.

This tier is powered by 6 x vCPU cores combined with 6000 GB bandwidth. It also provides 300 GB disk space as well as 16 GB RAM. SAN storage and 1 Gbps Port Speed are also included into this tier’s features.

8.      Unbundled Cloud Tier Seven

The last but not least, this Windows cloud server plan by charges starting from €139.99 per month for 3 years payment. It significantly increases into €252.99 per month if you desire to have 3 months payment.

With this amount of money, you will be able to enjoy 8 x vCPU cores, 8000 GB bandwidth, 32 GB RAM, and 400 GB disk space. This server plan is suitable for any of your website with high traffic.

Should You Choose

After knowing the offered dedicated server plans, this is your time to make a decision. However, it is always uneasy to fall your decision on specific hosting partner as it affects your website performance. Here we are going to help you to decide whether or not a good partner:

1.      Flexible contracts provides flexible windows dedicated server plan, so that you do not need to get trapped in wrong web host for long term. Unlike the other hosts, provides short term contract for 3 months. You can either leave or stay after the period is over without worrying about spending a bunch of money in front.

2.      Uptime guarantee

No matter which plan you purchase, offers 99.9% uptime guarantee to ensure your experience. The web host knows well how uptime is essential for a website. Therefore, such percentage is a commitment of this hosting partner to you.

3.      Control panel

Unlike other web hosts that take control over your account, provides powerful and comprehensive control panel. This allows you to take more control over your own account. This makes the web host a good choice for experienced users.

4.   Many Users LOVE using their service has very good reputation in hosting services. We have collected reviews from many trusted hosting review website and this indicate that this company is operating in reliable manners and will make an excellent attempt to resolve any customer concern. Based from HostAdvice website, we find 8.5 score, it means they are good and trusted.

Conclusion is a prominent cloud dedicated server host in Europe. Supported by the latest technology with expert and experienced team, the hosting partner is able to give you better hosting experience. Among many plans it offers, brings Unbundled Windows Cloud Server to existence. With variety of prices and features, you can choose one that meets your website needs.

There are some good things that will make you choose such as flexible contract and uptime guarantee. This allows you not to get trapped with specific host for a long term. However, the claim to be a cheap hosting provider needs to be reviewed. Charges starting from $12.99 per month, there are some other hosts that offer cheaper price.

Not to mention the so-called low price is only available for long term payment. In conclusion, you can enjoy better hosting experience with for it has superiorities such as stability and reliability and generous features. On the other hand, the price can be an obstacle if you have budget issue.